, Port Arthur, Texas

August 17, 2013

Patti Gay column: Time to prepare for fall leagues

Patti Gay
The Port Arthur News

PORT ARTHUR — As I am typing this up, the first cool front has come through, school is starting soon, and the summer leagues are winding down. This means it is time to get your team together for the fall leagues. Contact Max Bowl Port Arthur at 722-8300 for details.  

  All of the top scores, the past few weeks, were from the Mega Money league. Jeff Hayes, with the highest series, rolled a 277 and a perfect 300 for a really nice 742. (The last game will be left up to your math skills!) Other bowlers over the 700 mark were, Ronnie Sonnier-235-256-235-726, Skipper Arsenault-237-228-257-722, CJ Moity-223-247-244-714, and Bill White-247-237-222-706, 239-230-231-700. Kudos go to Bob Bellow who also shot a 300 game.

 MONDAY SENIORS SUMMER: James Pitre-248-647, Bill Lawless-233-561, Jerry LeBleu-542, John Beard-212-529, Cotton Glidewell-255, V.J.Willis Sr-211, Art Leon-171

 ROAD RUNNERS SUMMER: James Pitre-235-645, Don Bourg-235-609, John Greig-180-524, Frank Rios-178-477, Charlotte Banks-155-418, Bill Lawless-213, V.J.Willis-209, Marvin Ermel-204, Cynthia Williams-153

 GOLDEN OLDIES SUMMER: Gloria Divello-228-615, Bessie Durke-176-474, Martin Odak-164-390, Donna Clifton-131-124-367, Lewis Garza -240, Tommy Girolamo-237, Cliff Mosley-233, James Pitre-225-226, Marvin Ermel-225, August Gonsoulin-206, Don Edgerly-196, Chris Heath-196, Chuck Burns-195, Robert Seymour-153

 MID COUNTY MIXED SUMMER: Marvin Balagot-233-578, Vladie Quirante-203-203-547, Bill White-257, Israel Guidry-186, Tessie Balagot-184, Alberto Elefano-171

 MEGA MONEY SUMMER: Jeff Hayes-277-300-742, Ronnie Sonnier-235-256-235-726, Skipper Arsenault-237-228-257-722, CJ Moity-223-247-244-714, Bill White-247-237-222-706, Bill White-239-230-231-700,  Chris Rhodes-246-248-691, Ashley Nunez-247-257-686, Kirwin Melo-246-685, Benjamin Wolfe-264-679, Wesley Williams-278-674, Sami Jo Williams-237-245-668, Logan Lomasney-225-663, Travis Johnson-246-661, Eric Monarch-232-649, Travis Johnson-234-237-647, Karen Bellow-245-212-605, Eric Kyles-225-595, Cory Walker-244-211-589, Charlene Wersig-195-214-566, Clint Foster-194-531, Christopher Merritt-215-489, Kim Sonnier-213-480, Michael Palermo-192-471, Blake Austin-184-467, Chayla Merritt-167-408, Amanda Carr-145-368, Bob Bellow-300, Chris Chiasson-268, Jimmy Calder-263, Wayne Lavergne-258, Wayne Lavergne-247, Eric Kyles-246, James Roberson-246, Danny Porter-240, Andy Nuygen-234, Georgeann richardson-217, Bret Chipman-203, Donna Rhodes-203, Clint Foster-183, Robert Rose-183, Kelsey DelValle-171  

 FRIDAY FUN BUNCH: Beverly Wallace-158-415, Jordan Anderson-141