, Port Arthur, Texas


March 28, 2013

CSN Houston: "Less and less optimistic" carriage deals done by Opening Day



Hutchings also said that CSN Houston’s intelligence suggests that the cost to carry an RSN in the Houston market is cheaper than to carry one in Dallas, yet the Houston media market remains shut out to 60 percent of its fans.

Fans in Southeast Texas may not be in the Houston area, but almost 90,000 fans from every region in CSN Houston’s coverage area have contacted their service providers asking to have the channel added.

“One thing I’ve learned is that fans hold much more power than they think they do,” Hutchings said. “Fans should call their providers and demand that they are treated the same way as fans in other major markets. Dallas gets their teams, why shouldn’t Houston? Dallas is treated with respect. We’re asking the same.

“We’ve got nearly 90,000 petitions registered through our website, through signatures collected on the street and through our toll free numbers. We’ve put the proposals in front of the providers. Now, they need to hear from fans. Fans should demand money back off their bill. Fans should tell them, ‘if a provider hasn’t put it on, I’m going to make a choice.’” 

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From the Fieldhouse blog