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November 15, 2012

Levine blossoms quickly for Titans


— Levine said while he doesn’t mind the contact, he sees himself as more of a coverage play in the secondary.

“I like being more of a coverage DB,” Levine said. “But, when they have me in the box, I just play my role and do what I have to, because that’s what best for the team. I just go with whatever they need me to do.”

As the only sophomore starting on the defensive side of the ball, it’d be natural for Levine to show some nerves around his more experienced peers. That hasn’t happened this season, as he’s been more concerned about coming in, learning from the older players and trying to live up to their standards.

“It’s been a great experience,” Levine said. “I’ve been learning the defense. I have to pay attention a lot and have more focus on what my objectives are and help the team out. I was kind of nervous at first, but I got over it. I just had to pick up my pace and work as hard as the guys I’m playing with, because someone behind me could be trying to take my spot.”

Now, with 10 starts under his belt, Levine an even shed the label of “sophomore,” as his experience has made him seem older than his classification.

“He’s had a smooth transition out there,” Harrison said. “The senior leadership being there with him has helped his confidence. He’s raised his level of play, playing with those guys. He’s a junior now. If you go through this district and play the North Shores, the Deer Parks and the La Portes and you’re on the field the whole time, that prepares you and makes you grow up real quick. He’s done that and I’m excited about our run in the playoffs and his future leading this team for the next two years.”

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