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November 15, 2012

Levine blossoms quickly for Titans


— “During the spring, coaches told me to work hard and they’d have a spot for me,” Levine said. “They told me I was a great athlete. So, I just did my best every day. I ran hard and did everything they told me. I played defense all my life. When I got to high school, the coaches wanted me at quarterback. I told them I wasn’t going to get hurt if I played defense, because that was their fear. I’ve played all over. “

Lemora, who played on varsity as a freshman and started at safety in his sophomore season, has been a big help to Levine this season, along with the rest of the Titan veteran secondary.

“I talk to Darius every day,” Levine said. “He’s like a brother to me. He helps me through a lot of things like watching film and studying people. Darius guides me through everything we do, so he’s been a big help for me.”

The adjustment to playing defense has gone well. Levine has 67 tackles this season, including five for a loss, with two sacks, two interceptions, four pass breakups and two forced fumbles. Levine has excelled at his safety spot, both in dropping back into coverage and coming up into the tackle box to support the run.

“C.J. is a physical kid as well as a great athlete,” Harrison said. “That’s one of the things we discussed when we switched him to defense. He’d be able to play in the box and help out against the run, but he’s got the athletic ability to drop back and cover the pass. He’s just a dual player on the defensive side of the ball and has been great in both the run game and the pass game.“

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