, Port Arthur, Texas

October 24, 2013

Lott's leadership key to Titans' success

Gabriel Pruett
The Port Arthur News

PORT ARTHUR —  Torian Lott has been a leader at Memorial since he was a freshman.

 His role on the Titans football team is one Coach Kenny Harrison could not do without. Lott might only have 14 receptions for 142 yards, but he is one of the most important Port Arthur Memorial players.

 Lott gets his leadership skills from his days spent on the basketball court. He has been the starting point guard for the Titans since he was in ninth grade. The position is compared to being a quarterback in football.

 Speaking of quarterback, Lott might see some time under center here in the near future.

 “Torian started the year as a defensive back,” Harrison said. “We moved him to receiver when Roderic Rucker got injured and he did a tremendous job for us. He made a smooth transition there and we always want to give Torian different roles. He might see time at quarterback in these final three district games.”

 Lott could see plays at quarterback only to give Memorial a different look for defenses to worry about when facing the Titans. Harrison is still pleased with his starting quarterback, Tayylor Labrie, who is second in District 21-5A in passing.

 “He (Lott) was always a quarterback,” Harrison said. “He grew up in that position and then being a point guard even further advanced his mental side of the game. He is a young man who can come in and make things happen in a lot of different ways.”

 Lott has the confidence to be thrown into any role and find success. He only thinks of one thing, winning football games.

 “We are going to win the next three games and then go on and win state,” Lott said. “I want to walk around Port Arthur with a big ring on my finger and know we were the first team in Memorial history to win the championship. We are capable of doing it. This team can go anywhere with the talent we have, the heart we have and the coaches we have.”

 Lott has spent most of his time as a receiver. The receiving group of Lott, Albert Jacobs, Rucker and Trenton Swinton are becoming more than simply teammates.

 “Those are my brothers,” Lott said. “I really think of them as my blood brothers. They spend the night at my house and we do everything together. We are a talented group who put pressure on a defense. It makes it easier when we know each other so well.”

 Lott said the Titans learned a lot after losing to North Shore two weeks ago, 49-20. It was a historic game for all the wrong reasons for Memorial. North Shore rushed for 589 yards, a record against any Memorial defense.

 “North Shore was tough,” Lott said. “First, we hate losing at home in front of all our fans. We were focused but once they saw we were scared, they thrashed us. So since then we have practiced even harder. The defense isn’t giving anything up and the receivers are catching everything. We will not let that happen again.”

 Lott said he and his teammates are still behind Labrie as quarterback.

 “Tayylor takes a hard time sometimes from people because he is the quarterback,” Lott said. “The only thing that matters is we are still proud of him. We stand behind him and will do anything we can to make sure he has a great game and that we produce wins.”

 Titan Tidbits: Torian Lott is the son of Renna and William Buckler…Lott has a few things he wants to do after graduating from Memorial High School. He wants to continue to work out, spend time with his mother before going to college and assist in the offseason work of the Titans…Lott is a fan of the Dallas Cowboys but his favorite athlete is Miami Heat guard Dwayne Wade. He appreciates Wade’s toughness and class.