, Port Arthur, Texas


January 26, 2013

Patti Gay column: Powell stays hot, Arsenault close behind

PORT ARTHUR — Apparently, Branden Powell isn’t ready to give up his spot as top kegler at Max Bowl Port Arthur!             

Bowling in the Mega Money league, Branden rolled out games of 259-258 and 239 to edge out Skipper Arsenault by two pins with a 756 series.  Skipper, in the same league, shot a 754 series with games of 247-269-238.  

    Congratulations to Lisa Calder, high lady bowler with a 220-269-212-701 series.  Nice bowling to you all.  

    George Gund-258-237-245-740, CJ Moity-275-236-225-736, Rick Hermsen-257-248-225-730, Bo Cohrt-257-247-223-727, Eric Harrington-248-255-218-721, Jimmy Calder-247-214-258-719, Rhett Williford-269-236-213-718, Tray Batson-257-257-202-716, and Lyn Bourgeois-204-225-279-708 also topped out over the 700 mark.

    It is with great sadness that I write about the loss of one of our long time bowlers.  Roy McClure, who always had a ready smile for everyone and a hug to beat all hugs, passed away last week.  I know that you will all agree with me when I say that this kind man will really be missed.

MONDAY SENIOR: Rick Hermsen-257-248-225-730, Tommy Girolamo-267-695, Phil Rogers-210-224-612, VJ Willis Sr-215-565, Bill Blackman-224-550, Buddy Dufour-216-510, Don Dunn-233, Rey Diestro-227


VALERO:   Rhett Williford-269-236-213-718, Bill White-245-677, Mark Maxwell-247-661, Ashley Nunez-213-226-213-652, Clinton Hancock-254-235-648, Steve Powell-227-644, John Parent-224-630, Murphy Burch-245-234-629, Leonard Casmore-245-588, Justin Cates-225-568, Richard Cooper-256, Tray Batson-242, Sean Mouchette-237, Larry St.Andrew-233, Stan Ruth-233, Alanda Boldt-232, Blaine Davis-208, Justin Holmes-191, Mark Simon-189, Farrell Menard-187-187, Jackie Schell-184, Diana Dennis-175, Eric Monarch-174, Teri Lamance-167


ROAD RUNNERS:  VJ Willis-205-548, Mary Kay Rios-168-454, Oliver Balagot-222, Bill Lawless-218, Don Bourg-212, Blanch Comeaux-201, Charlotte Banks-169


FUNBOWLERS:  Bo Cohrt-257-247-223-727, Bruce Hasch-267-697, Stuart Ellis-248-642, Bob Grusecki-213-235-631, Sandy Crow-190-528, Charles Venable-200-508, John Schmidt-227, Michelle Powell-226, Eric Kyles-226, Aubrey McKee-224, Ken Johnson-207, Allison Simon-189


MEGA MONEY:   Branden Powell-259-258-239-756, Skipper Arsenault-247-269-238-754, George Gund-258-237-245-740, CJ Moity-275-236-225-736, Eric Harrington-248-255-218-721, Jimmy Calder-247-214-258-719, Tray Batson-257-257-202-716, Lyn Bourgeois-204-225-279-708, Lisa Calder-220-269-212-701, Rick Hermsen-259-246-690, Shane Harlow-238-688, Bobby Clark-268-679, John Allen-258-678, Joseph Wolfe-238-213-649, Trey Todora-237-645, Tom Roberts-225-642, Tony Falgout-245-213-638, Jared Morein-267-634, Mike Charles-278-627, Troy Berg-219-622, Caleb Klein-203-220-615, Ryan Williams-216-614, Jonathan Wolfe-228-609, Lewis Garza-225-219-602, Renee Moity-236-597, Rex Morris-206-563, Aaron Richardson-182-479, Ronnie Sonnier-279, Jacob Askew-256, George Parsley-250, Russell Hebert-246, Rick Malmberg-243, Zim Morris-240, Steve Powell-236, Rob Lowe-233, Mathew Mannino-233, Andrew Pridemore-232, David Feldschau-226, Wayne Pratt-215, Michelle Powell-214, Colby Daniel-214, Eric Kyles-201, Casey Williams-187, Laura Scully-183


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