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January 26, 2013

Chester Moore column: Sabine's mystique shines on


    Something else anglers from other areas are fascinated by is the trout fishing at the short rigs.

    They have never heard of such a thing and have this idea if you pull up to the rigs in the summer you are guaranteed a limit of trout 20 inches or better and that you have a hard time catching anything smaller.

    I wish that were true and while those kinds of catches have been logged it is not the norm.

    The legend continues to grow.

    On the wildlife side of things, people are fascinated with the fact we were the last area in the state to house allegedly pure red wolves and that we have many very similar animals to this day.

    They are also intrigued by the amount of mystery cat’s reports from the alleged “black panthers” to cougars.

    I spoke with Thad Daly who lives on the Louisiana side of the border and has lived all over the world and he said locals do not realize something unique about the area.

    “If you go south of Interstate 10 a few miles and draw a line from say Anahuac over to the east side of Lake Calcasieu you have thousands of square miles of virtually unpopulated wildlife habitat. Isolated areas are important for animals that like to be left alone and one thing this area has is plenty of isolated areas,” Daly said.

    Believe it or not those interested in mystery animals are coming from all over the country to check out our area. This is certainly not as dramatic as the number of birders that come here annually but I am in constant communication with people who want to know more about our areas and its mysterious wildlife.

      Our region is about to get a huge public relations boost with the Bassmaster Elite Series coming to the Sabine River in March. Interestingly B.A.S.S. officials have said some of the appeal of the area is its mystery.

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