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January 26, 2013

Chester Moore column: Sabine's mystique shines on

     Our region is quite mysterious.

    I am not sure if you are aware of this but my travels abroad give me a unique perspective on how our area is viewed, particularly in regards to fishing and wildlife.

    When you talk about Sabine Lake to people in San Antonio, for example it is if the subject is some strange, far-away land.

    These encounters inspired me to take a deep look at our region and address some of its unique attributes.

    The first is the region’s speckled trout.

    One of the top fishing guides on the Gulf Coast who operates out of the Lower Laguna Madre told me two weeks ago; “Sabine is the best place for big trout in Texas right now.”

    This guy has caught more 30-inch plus fish than most of us could imagine and he along with many other anglers are talking about the quality of Sabine’s fishery.

     Who are the anglers catching these giant fish?

     Where are they catching them?

      Apparently, many of them are anglers from the Houston area and South Texas coming here to score on the giants and they are doing so during the week when few anglers are on the water.

    Others have spoken of all of the reefs an angler has to watch out for while running across Sabine Lake.

    “That place is dangerous to run on. There are shallow reefs everywhere.”

    I have heard this numerous times and every single time I have followed up by asking if they have ever actually been on Sabine Lake.

     “No” is always the answer.

    Considering the fact you can run from the northern tip of Coffee Ground Cove all the way to the causeway without hitting a reef on the open water it shows how silly those rumors are but they persist.

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