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January 12, 2013

Chester Moore column: Looking at bass angler mistakes


PORT ARTHUR —   In fact, according to Texas Parks & Wildlife Department (TPWD) Inland Fisheries Biologist Craig Bonds is how far bass can open their mouths.

    “If they can fit it in their mouths, they will attack it and over the years I have seen impressive evidence of this,” Bonds said.

    As a graduate student, he conducted a study examining bass dietary habits using clear plastic tubes that could be inserted through the mouth, worked into the stomach and used to extract the contents without hurting the fish.

    “I found everything from snakes to small turtles, a baby duck and all kinds of fish from sunfish to other bass.”

The 2008 Bassmaster Classic champion Alton Jones said his experience fishing on Lake Falcon suggests sometimes, very large lures will draw strikes or at least attention from big bass when others fail.

    “You can see the big fish on a deep point and they avoid most things but you put something on like a huge swimbait and then the fish swim out for a look for you get bit,” Jones said.

     In my opinion, one of the biggest mistakes made by bass fishermen is relying too much on lure color to determine success.

    Yes, it can make a huge difference but changing colors 10 times during a trip keeps your lure in the boat more than on the water. Be aware of water changes that could signal a color change is needed but find 3-4 standards for each lure and stick to them.

    This will give you confidence and allow you to spend more time worrying about casting, retrieving and feeling the bite than wondering if the color you are fishing is right.

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