, Port Arthur, Texas


January 9, 2013

CHESTER MOORE: Mistakes saltwater anglers make


PORT ARTHUR —     Sitting Birds: Fishing for trout and reds under the birds is one of the most exciting things to do in our region. The action is intense and the birds can help lead anglers to a limit of fish in short order.

    One of the biggest mistakes I see are anglers motoring right past sitting gulls.

    If you see gulls (not terns) sitting on the water, especially if there are just a few of them, approach cautiously and make a few casts. Oftentimes they are sitting on fish and in my experience some of the best redfish action has come from sitting bird son the main body of Sabine Lake.


   Incoming Tides: If I were to ask a group of 100 coastal anglers which tide in general is their favorite to fish (incoming or outgoing) most would say outgoing.

    The reality is in our area in particular incoming tides tend to be far more productive. There are certain locations and times when this of course is not so but almost every incredible fishing day I have had before the big cold fronts purge the marshes is on an incoming tide.

    In addition, when talking with anglers about their various catches, the strongest ones usually coincide with an incoming tide.

    This is not to say outgoing tides are not worth fishing because they can be incredible. I am however saying anglers should start paying far more attention to the tide coming in because in my experience there are stronger opportunities to catch fish.

    Hot Spots: Never rely on what others anglers report as “hot spots” to catch fish. Sure, some locations will hold large numbers of fish and do so consistently.

    The wise angler however learns to rely on patterns. The depth, tidal flow, water clarity and bait presence are much more important than the spot.

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