, Port Arthur, Texas


March 30, 2013

Patti Gay column: Allen rolls 300 game, Hermsen has 793 series


    Rick Hermsen didn’t have any trouble finding his mark as he bowled in the Monday Senior league at Max Bowl Port Arthur.  Starting the afternoon with his high game of 279, Rick followed with a 259 and 255 for a really nice 793 series.  

    Congratulations Rick on leading all other bowlers for the week!  

    Kudos also go to John Allen on his 300 and Rob Kistner for his 290.  Other bowlers with a 700 series were: Rob Kistner-290-279-768, Tray Batson-225-255-269-749, John Allen-300-233-213-746, Branden Powell-257-263-208-728, CJ Moity-287-215-224-726, and Eric Monarch-269-269-718.


MONDAY SENIOR:  Rick Hermsen-279-259-255-793, Cotton Glidewell-223, Phil Rogers-223


VALERO:   Rob Kistner-290-279-768, Tray Batson-225-255-269-749, John Allen-300-233-213-746, Branden Powell-257-263-208-728, Eric Monarch-269-269-718, Steve Powell-241-246-688, Richard Cooper-247-675, CJ Moity-233-665, Darrell McKee-257-654, Brandi Batson-222-223-614, Ray Gaspard-212-224-606, Lewis Garza-222-216-606, Ryan Smith-226-588, Chris Marze-213-581, Justin Sanders-224-573, Blaine Davis-209-560, Royce Robbins-201-529, Patsy Ronquille-202-521, Sami Jo Williams-258, Kurt Cullums-258, Russell Hebert-247, Rhett Williford-246, John Parent-236, Ashley Nunez-216, Dee Dennis-200, Shannon Quinn-198, Jan Cates-186, Richard Lamance-182, Aaron Grossman-169   


ROAD RUNNERS: CJ Moity-287-215-224-726, Gary Vincent-235-648, John Greig-203-215-539, John Anderson-183-525, Cotton Glidewell-223, Blanch Comeaux-185


QUEEN TUMBLERS:  Betty Shannon-526, Lynne Richter-523, Dot Font-188


GOLDEN OLDIES SRS: James Pitre-249-225-667, Gary Vincent-254-662, VJ Willis-212-575, Bill Allen-195-550, Bill Lawless-204-541, Gloria Divello-221, Blanch Comeaux-213, Venix Morris-202, Bill Blackman-188, Art Leon-182


MID COUNTY MIXED:  Ryan Cooper-234-247, Cameron Naron-183-508, Vladie Quirante-202, Shirley Agustin-190


FUNBOWLERS:  Eric Monarch-226-247-674, James Roberson-234-223-646, Shannon Quinn-232-535, Charlene Wersig-191-527, Bo Cohrt-277, Bruce Hasch-254, Bill White-253, Charles Venable-233, James Neel-226, Aubrey McKee-211, Mike Wagner-209, Shannon O’Connor-207, Dee Dennis-193, Chris Merritt-176, Kara Monceaux-170, Kendel Lamb-166



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