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April 12, 2013

LSC-PA extends Lance Madison's contract


PORT ARTHUR — Anthony Allen, the school’s first-ever 7-footer, finished the season ranked No. 1 in the nation in blocked shots, knocking down 155 over the season for a 5.2 block-per-game average. The freshman’s best performance of 13 blocks also set a school mark, and he is the first Seahawk to record multiple triple-double performances in a season.

“The entire college campus community, student body, and local community of the Golden Triangle helped us develop a program with a family feel and focus,” Madison said. “It is important to develop a basketball family to entice high-caliber, high-quality recruits to our program.”

Madison came to Lamar State-Port Arthur for his first-ever head coaching job and immediately went on the recruiting road to pick up as much talent as possible with very little time to prepare. At the end of the process, he produced three sophomores who expected to sign Division I scholarships. The Hawks are returning nine freshmen from this year’s squad. Also expected to return intact is Madison’s coaching staff of Chad Kish and Anthony Anderson Jr.

“I would like to thank the administration, the college faculty and staff, the coaching and support staff, the fine Seahawks student-athletes, the Seahawks fans, and the community for supporting our program this season,” Madison said. “I would especially like to thank President Dr. Sam Monroe and Athletic Director Scott Street for the opportunity to lead the Lamar State College-Port Arthur basketball program this past year and for making a commitment to have me and my coaching staff lead the program into the future.”

Aside from the athletic prowess the Seahawks displayed this past season, the team emerged itself in academic success and civic participation. “The staff's focus on academics and a student-athlete's hard work has helped to produce a solid team grade point average,” Madison said. “I always believe that when students build positive relationships and see their effort in the classroom translate into good grades, their self-esteem rises and their production on the court also rises.”

During the season, the team took part in several community activities, including a free basketball camp for children at the Port Arthur YMCA. “We feel our community activism and commitment to academic excellence helped us to be successful on the court this season,” Madison said.  “Once a junior college athlete realizes the importance of community, they learn relationship-building skills and develop a sense of pride in the program and community.”

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