, Port Arthur, Texas

April 6, 2013

Chester Moore column: Readers outdoor questions answered

Chester Moore
The Port Arthur News


    Once a month we dig into reader questions and share them with our readership. We have been getting increasing numbers of emails and Facebook messages as well showing that interest in the outdoors in this region is as high as it ever was.

    Q: What was the biggest surprise to you during the “Sabine River Challenge” stop of the Bassmaster Elite Series?

    A: The biggest surprise was that very few of the pros actually fished in the Sabine River drainage. On day one my friend David Burman and I went into Square Lake (Cypress Lake) off of Interstate 10 in Orange and there were seven boats fishing there. Two more went north of the Interstate. Shaw Grigsby and Ish Monroe both spent time in Cow Bayou while Bill Lowen fished the Burntout Bridge area and near Bluebird’s. Mark Davis went north of the Interstate. The rest went to Taylor’s Bayou, the Neches River and the Calcasieu system.

    It is interesting that two of the top 12 (Davis and Lowen) fished within 10 miles of the launch site.


    Q: Do you have a favorite hard plastic lure for redfish?

    A: I like the Super Pogy from Bomber Saltwater Grade. It’s a heavy lipless crankbait I have caught some big reds on at the Sabine Jetties. It works better than anything else I have used out there. Recently however I have hung into some big reds in the Sabine River using squarebill crankbaits designed for bass. I am field testing some now that are made for reds and will report back as soon as I give them adequate time in the water.


    Q: Do you think we will be able to get a hold on the hog population in Southeast Texas?

    A: No. The day has long since passed when we could get a handle on hog populations. We might be able to push them back in certain spots for a period but they will be back. Hogs are amazingly adaptable.


    Q: What do you think about “noodling” or hand-fishing for catfish?

    A: If someone wants to put their hand into a hole in the water where an alligator snapping turtle might be and the law says its “ok” go for it. Not my thing.


    Q: What do you think of Duck Dynasty? Two locals being on “Swamp People”?

    A: I watch “Duck Dynasty” every week. Love it. I have been a fan of the Robertson family for a long time so seeing them reach this level of success is wonderful. Plus, they are good role models. I think T-Roy Broussard and Harlon Hatcher being on “Swamp People” is awesome. They are both great people and represent our area well.

    They are the real deal and “Swamp People” continues to be a ratings monster. We will be featuring them in the next edition of Real Outdoors of Southeast Texas magazine.

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