, Port Arthur, Texas

April 6, 2013

Patti Gay column: Derek Williams joins Sonnier in 800 club

Patti Gay
The Port Arthur News

PORT ARTHUR — League bowlers have really been popping out some  over the top scores at Max Bowl Port Arthur the past couple of weeks. The proof is in the 800s rolled during the Mega Money league.  

  Ronnie Sonnier, week before last, shot the  first 800 with games of 284-226 and an honor 299 game resulting in an 809 series. His teammate, Derek Williams, took his turn last week with a  269-259-279 and an 807 series.  

  Congratulations to both of you for some excellent bowling.  

  The high series for the ladies goes to RaeAnna Todora with a 202-236-247-685. Other top scores are as follows: Tommy Girolamo-249-225-256-730, Chris Rhodes-239-246-244-729, Logan Lomasney-234-228-258-720, Bo Cohrt-248-233-226-707, and Eric Harrington-203-222-278-703.

MONDAY SENIOR: Tommy Girolamo-249-225-256-730, Rick Hermsen-267-699, Bill Blackman-276-639, Venix  Morris-202-203-236-641, Gloria Divello-208-576, Phil Rogers-215, Bill Lawless-202

ROAD RUNNERS: Roger Hartwig-248-684, Oliver Balagot-244-589, Marvin Ermel-200-577, Bill Lawless-215-526, Chris Heath-175-482, Geraldine Rebert-190  

QUEEN  TUMBLERS: Alice  Barnes-216-578, Lynne Richter-191-542, Beverly Wallace-193

GOLDEN OLDIES SRS: Bill Lawless-207-547, Blanch Comeaux-185-487, Tommy Girolamo-247, Marvin Ermel-233, Chuck Burns-194, William Gore-183, Art Leon-181, Frankie  Hall-176

MID COUNTY  MIXED: Marvin Balagot-223-568, Shirley Agustin-179, Rose Quirante-175

MEGA MONEY: Ronnie  Sonnier-284-226-299-809, Derek  Williams-269-259-279-807, Chris Rhodes-239-246-244-729, Logan Lomasney-234-228-258-720, Bo Cohrt-248-233-226-707, Eric Harrington-203-222-278-703, Ronnie Sonnier-257-697, Derik Gund-240-695, Wayne Lavergne-276-689, Rae Anna Todora-202-236-247-685, Jimmy Calder-249-681, James Pitre-268-675, David Feldschau-247-256-675, Trey Todora-275-663, John Lemonis-257-654, Michelle Powell-265-653, Rhonda Stout-223-247-650, Andrew Pridemore-257-648, Renee Moity-258-637, Justin Pratt-202-209-625, Donna Rhodes-216-203-618, Eric Kyles-218-596, Linda Singleton-233-585, Isaac Rollins Jr-198-509, Aaron Richardson-202-505, Gary Martin-265, Erik Postula-258, Chris Chiasson-258, Shane Harlow-256, Jeff Wright-256, Jeff Anderson-247, CJ Moity-247, Bill White-247, Tommy Girolamo-244, Rick Hermsen-243, Cuong Cao-237, Rich Cooper-235, Rick Malmberg-234, Jim Singleton-227, Jeff Hayes-222, Benjamin Wolfe-215, Renee Moity-211, Tommy Courmier-207, Gloria Divello-205, JoAnn Williams-201, Bob  Wechteniser-192