, Port Arthur, Texas


March 29, 2014

Chester Moore column: History, management keep in catching super-sized trout

PORT ARTHUR —   Anglers looking to catch super-sized trout know it is a difficult pursuit.

    Truly big speckled trout are rare, elusive and finicky so studying their habits and intensely focusing on locating them is key.

     I have found there are three components crucial to selecting where to fish for the biggest and best trout. They are as follows.

    History---A water body with a history of producing big fish of the variety you prefer is an obvious for what you are looking to accomplish.  If you find an area with either a consistent history of producing monster fish in line with a recent history trending toward big fish you are in good shape.

    If an angler wanted to catch a 25-plus inch speckled trout he could study Texas’ Aransas Bay and find out it has produced a whole lot of those in the past. However, when looking at recent history it would become obvious that fishery has declined in trophy production in recent years and chances of catching a fish of that size are not as great as they could be. If you looked up the Lower Laguna Madre near Port Mansfield you would find out there is a rich history of big trout production and recent trends due to our next factor show it producing more than ever.

     Currently Sabine Lake fits this profile which makes selecting a destination all that much easier for those of us who live in Southeast Texas.

    Management---An area not managed for big fish will not consistently produce big fish. There is simply too much intelligent angling pressure out there to make this possible in most of the continental United States. Guides in eastern Louisiana are constantly advertising trophy speckled trout with photos at sports shows and on the websites. However, the fish they are showing are a rarity in those areas because the state allows the harvest of 25 trout per day in that region of the state.

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