, Port Arthur, Texas


May 4, 2013

Chester Moore column: Rayburn ranks No. 2 on Bassmaster top 100


PORT ARTHUR —     Having our two major bass fisheries compared to the rest in the country and come out in the top 10 shows how blessed we are. The grass is not greener in other pastures. It is the greenest right here.

    And it does not end.

    Lake Conroe (only a two hour drive away) made it in at number 72 and one of my all-time favorite lakes, Fayette County Reservoir (3-hour drive) is number 99. That is not bad considering it is only 3,000 acres.

    Other Texas Lakes include Amistad (23), Fork (28), Austin (34), and tiny Lake Dunlap, located near San Marcos at 90.

    According to Hall, the list was not made to examine the best tournament lakes or even trophy lakes but the lakes that had something for everybody.

   We will have the complete list in the Thursday Outdoors Update and look forward to your feedback.

    In my opinion, they did a great job on a daunting task and our region certainly came out shining.

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