, Port Arthur, Texas


March 23, 2013

Patti Gay column: John Allen makes strong run at 800 series

PORT ARTHUR — With all the 700s being shot at Max Bowl Port Arthur, I thought for sure someone was going to bust an 800.

    Alas, John Allen finished up just 20 pins short of that feat, in the Valero league on Monday night!  Rolling games of 244-247 and an excellent 289, John took home the top spot for the week with his 780 series.  Really nice bowling John.  

    Runner ups are a follows: Trey Todora-286-220-256-762, Chris Rhodes-279-221-247-747, David Jones-244-243-237-724, Steve Powell-268-202-248-718, Derek Williams-268-236-214-718, Rick Hermsen-268-247-213-728 and 276-214-227-717, Tray Batson-265-256-716, Bill White-277-246-714, Skipper Arsenault-227-269-216-712, Wesley Williams-216-236-259-711, Bo Cohrt-228-228-245-701, Darrell McKee-279-255-703, and Kurt Cullums-256-279-700.



MONDAY SENIOR:  Rick Hermsen-268-247-213-728, Gloria Devello-215-224-628, Phil Rogers-209-211-576, Paul McDaniel-197-534, Buddy Dufour-198-514, Don Dunn-219


VALERO:   John Allen-244-247-289-780, David Jones-244-243-237-724, Steve Powell-268-202-248-718, Tray Batson-265-256-716, Skipper Arsenault-227-269-216-712, Darrell McKee-279-255-703, Kurt Cullums-256-279-700, Bill White-247-697, Stan Ruth-268-694, Eric Monarch-668, Carl Quinn-226-642, John Parent-244-633, Walter Tucker-256-618, Ray Gaspard-223-212-614, Rusty Doucet-205-581, Justin Sanders-204-214-576, Blaine Davis-196-557, Aaron Grossman-217-515, Bonnie Maxwell-164-441, Robert Brewer-247, Kelly Gaspard-242, Tharen Robertson-239, Mack McPhatter-238, James Neel-236, Derrick Rivers-232, Clinton Hancock-221, Lewis Garza-203, Joshua Richard-154  


ROAD RUNNERS:  Roger Hartwig-251-244-679, Gloria Divello-255-646, Cotton Glidewell-266-225-634, Bill Allen-212-223-607, Deborah Welch-158-396, CJ Moity-258, Rick Hermsen-258, Gary Vincent-224, John Greig-200, Blanch Comeaux-189, Frank Rios-176


QUEEN TUMBLERS:  Connie Mathison-206-244-589, Alice Barnes-214-568, Jenni Beaumont-192-530, Elsie Tweedel-171-182-507, Joyce Porter-158-159-427, Donna Kelly-192, Brenda Dodson-171


GOLDEN OLDIES SRS:  Gloria Divello-212-207-594, John Greig-237-584, Hedy Zampini-202-557, Tommy Girolamo-244, Don Edgerly-212, Cynthia Williams-152


MID COUNTY MIXED:  Cameron Naron-234-198-573, Ryan Cooper-245, Tessie Balagot-180, Mita Ikari-149


FUNBOWLERS:  Richard Beaumont-238-258-699, Eric Monarch-265-681, Sandy Crow-224-193-603, Danny Norris-235-600, Rusty Crow-228-595, Charles Venable-230-505, Shawn Sachs-194-490, Aubrey McKee-238, James Roberson-236, Shannon Quinn-194, Patsy Ronquille-188, Alan Kay-188, Missy O’Connor-184, Chris Merritt-179, Clint Foster-155  


MEGA MONEY: Trey Todora-286-220-256-762, Chris Rhodes-279-221-247-747, Derek Williams-268-236-214-718, Rick Hermsen-276-214-227-717, Bill White-277-246-714, Wesley Williams-216-236-259-711, Bo Cohrt-228-228-245-701, Bob Bellow-290-696, Rick Malmberg-256-695, Jeff Wright-257-242-692, Hardy Charles-250-686, RaeAnna Todora-246-247-683, Chuck Burns-257-240-657, Trint Miguez-237-642, Jared Morein-238-635, John Lemonis-227-617, James Morein-212-224-606, Lewis Garza-230-215-606, Linda Morris-214-591, Jacob Monceaux-209-202-562, Anna Bertrand-197-518, Laura Scully-190-507, Susan Rankin-201-495, Matthew Mannino-266, Wayne Lavergne-253, Russell Hebert-249, Gary Martin-249, Chris Chiasson-248, Don Pastor-248, George Parsley-246, Fred Feldschau-244, Jonathan Martin-243, Jeff Anderson-236, Lyn Bourgeois-235, Gary Vincent-234, Curtis Harrington-233, Glenn Lee-232, Derrick Pete-231, Don Pope-231, Cole Guidry-225, Rob Lowe-223, Karen Bellow-217, Donna Rhodes-212, Troy Girolamo-211, Phil Rogers-208, Casey Williams-181


STARS OF TOMORROW:  Matthew Maxwell-230-214-616, Kayla Gallegos-210-233-587, Brandon Bertrand-201  


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