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March 13, 2014

5 questions with Memorial's Ramiro Sanchez

PORT ARTHUR — Ramiro Sanchez has a love for baseball, a really big love actually.

He loves the sport he plays at Port Arthur Memorial and that has to make his coach, Jessie Riojas a very happy man.

Sanchez is a big reason why the Titans feel better about making the playoffs than any season in recent past. Sanchez can do it all on the diamond; pitch, hit, field and help lead his teammates.

It is easy to tell from the answers below that Sanchez is a great team player, even if he was forced to make fun of his coach in the last answer.

GP: With so many MLB players testing positive for steroids, do you think its hard to find a pro role model?

RS: No, it’s not hard to find players that aren’t taking steroids in the game now like Mike Trout, Bryce Harper and Carlos Gonzalez.

GP: Besides baseball, what do you spend most of your time doing?

RS: Baseball is basically all I do but say spending time with my family and playing video games.

GP: If you can own a MLB team who is your first pick and why?

RS: The Texas Rangers because it is close to home and everything is bigger and better in Texas, as people say.

(Hint to Astros fans, notice he didn’t pick the even closer team? Houston really needs to pick it up. Ouch!)

GP: What is your favorite and least favorite classes in school?

RS: My favorite has to be athletics because it is baseball class and I guess my least favorite is English.

GP: Coach Riojas is known to talk pretty loudly during a game. When the team is practicing is Coach Riojas working on making his voice even louder:

RS: Yeah, he practices on it but it is nothing really. His 6-year-old son can get louder than him.

Thank you to Ramiro for taking part in this survey. Make sure to check back next Friday for another installment.


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