, Port Arthur, Texas

January 8, 2014

Gladden wins final I Beat Bob contest

The Port Arthur News

PORT ARTHUR — Johnny Gladden of Groves won the final I Beat Bob West contest by the narrowest margins.

    Gladden was one of four participants with a 16-4 record and his tiebreaker pick of Louisville 32, Miami 27 was one point closer to the actual score of Louisville’s 36-9 victory than Thomas Duncan of Groves (31-27) and Keith Weatherford of Nederland. Rose Papizan, with a 34-31 tiebreaker was only two points off Gladden’s winning number.

    Though he wound up in a four-way tie, Gladden actually had first place wrapped up before Monday night’s BCS championship game. With a 16-3 record going into the BCS championship game, he had the luxury of losing on his Auburn selection and still winning on the tiebreaker. Duncan, Weatherford and Papizan all had Florida State.

    The difference-making pick for Gladden was Clemson over Ohio State in the Orange Bowl.

    In the Port Arthur News staff competition, Dave Rogers wind up as the 2013 champion by four games over defending champ Bob West and Tom Halliburton. Rogers went 14-6 on bowl picks to finish 144-55. West and Halliburton also went 14-6 and ended at 140-59.


                                GRAND PRIZE WINNER

Johnny Gladden, Groves                16-4        Louisville, 32-27

                                CAP WINNERS

Thomas Duncan, Groves                16-4        Louisville, 31-27

Keith Weatherford, Nederland            16-4        Louisville, 32-28

Rose Papizan, Groves                16-4        Louisville, 34-31

Randy Robertson, Port Arthur            15-5        Louisville, 33-20

Ginger Huckaby, Nederland            15-5        Louisville, 21-10

Janet Vestal, Groves                15-5        Louisville, 24-14

Walt Moore, Port Neches                15-5        Louisville, 38-24

Eric Mings, Beaumont                15-5        Louisville, 42-21

Dee Herman, Port Arthur                15-5        Louisville, 38-27

David Vorpahl, Groves                15-5        Louisville, 31-24