, Port Arthur, Texas

December 6, 2012

Moore fishing report: Outdoors plan promotes healthy lifestyles

Chester Moore
The Port Arthur News


    The latest Texas Outdoors Recreation Plan according to officials with Texas Parks & Wildlife Department (TPWD) calls for more trails and greenways to encourage active lifestyles, new parks in or near urban areas, better access to public waters, and a review of local park grant rules to make the most of limited dollars, among other recommendations.

    Besides ways to improve, the plan is chock full of interesting research findings pulled from many sources.

    “The plan ticks off a sobering list of challenges facing the Lone Star State, including how it’s  a predominately urban society where children are becoming less connected to nature and the outdoors. Partly because of this increasingly “indoor” culture, obesity and health care costs are on the rise statewide.”

    “And, like the rest of America, Texas is recovering from the biggest recession since the Great Depression, creating budget challenges for public funds. Plus, the state has been rocked by natural disasters such as record drought and wildfires, and water resources are becoming strained.”

    However TPWD said the plan points hopefully to a body of research that makes the case for investing in outdoor recreation and park solutions.

    “For example, a key finding in a review of more than 200 research studies by the American Heart Association in 2011 was that every $1 spent on building biking trails and walking paths would save an estimated nearly $3 in medical expenses. (Trust for America’s Health, 2012)”

    The plan states “There is a well-documented scientific connection between access to outdoor recreation and positive physical health.”

    Direct access to green space and parkland has been shown to correlate with improved cognitive function, increased self-esteem and better self-discipline, decreased levels of depression, lower stress levels, reduced cases of obesity, and an increased sense of community and belonging.”

    Now onto the report…

    North Sabine---Trout and reds are fair under the birds on plastics, Gulp and live bait on the main lake and in the rivers. Flounder are slow to fair.

    South Sabine---Flounder remain fair along the Louisiana shoreline and around the causeway. Trout and reds are slow to fair under the birds on a variety of plastics and live bait.

    Sabine Pass---Flounder are slowing but fair numbers are coming from various points in the channel. The best bites are on incoming tides, but any moving water is producing bites. Very few reports of specks and reds.

    Lake Calcasieu (Big Lake)---Hackberry Rod and Gun reports fair action for trout and reds on live bait and plastics fished under the birds throughout the system. Flounder fishing is fair in the channel south of the lake.

    Sam Rayburn---Texas Parks & Wildlife Department officials report largemouths are slow. White bass are fair on minnows, watermelon spinnerbaits, and white striper jigs. Crappie are fair on minnows. Bream are good on worms. Catfish are good on nightcrawlers, shrimp, and minnows.

    Toledo Bend---Texas Parks & Wildlife Department officials report largemouths are good on chartreuse soft plastics, spinnerbaits, and Rat–L–Traps. Striped bass are good on chartreuse striper jigs. White bass are good on slabs and silver spoons. Crappie are good on minnows over brush piles. Bream are fair on worms. Channel and blue catfish are good on minnows, shrimp, and stinkbait. Yellow catfish are slow.




TOLEDO BEND: Normal Pool Level: 172.0 Current Pool Level: 167.59 Was 167.58

RAYBURN LAKE: Normal Pool Level: 164 Current Pool Level: 159.66 Was: 159.75

B.A. STEIN HAGEN: Normal Pool Level: 85 Current Pool Level: 81.80 Was: 81.72