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December 5, 2012

Nederland knows how to Spell success


NEDERLAND — “It was hard to separate sometimes whether he was performing well or if I just wanted him to perform well. To me, that was always the hardest thing. But, it’s been easy because of how hard he works. He’s made it a great situation.”

While Bryan may hold Tyler a little more accountable because of their relationship, Delbert doesn’t coach him directly, so their interactions can be a little less intense. For Delbert, that just highlights how different it is coaching his grandson.

“Unless you’re a grandpa, it’s hard to understand the feelings,” Delbert Spell said. “I had two sons play while I was coaching, but it’s completely different now. I don’t say too much to him (on the field). I don’t coach him. I let the other coaches get on him when he needs it. We try to treat him like every other player. I’m really proud of him.”

Bryan joined the Nederland coaching staff in 1999, but never thought he’d end up as a head coach when he first got into college. In fact, he went into Lamar as an engineering major. Bryan also said his dad never influenced him one way or another.

“I think deep down, I always knew I wanted to (coach),” Bryan Spell said. “I started as an engineering major. After about two years of sitting in class and doing the work, I knew what I wanted to do was coach. My dad never said anything either way. He and my mother wanted to do what would make me happy. He never pushed me either way.”

The filial situation with the Spells couldn’t have gotten more special than just after Nederland beat Pearland Dawson at Reliant Stadium last Saturday. After Carson Raines found Seth Barrow with the winning TD pass, Tyler said he didn’t know who to celebrate with first.

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