, Port Arthur, Texas


April 23, 2013

UIL has football coaches debating "full contact"


PORT ARTHUR — The language in the recommendation states to define “full-contact” practices as those that go at game speed with tackling or blocking to the ground.

By that definition, none of the three local high schools will have to change much to their practice routines to comply with the possible rule. Both Faircloth and Neumann said they rarely go full-contact during the week and, if they do, it’s never for longer than 90 minutes.

That’s because practice time during the week is limited already. Most coaches have about two hours to work with on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday of a game week to prepare their teams. Thursday is treated as a lighter day, often with teams in shirts, shorts and helmets or some variation of that.

In those three practices of two hours, coaches also have to work in positional work and drills, warmups and conditioning. Most of the time coaches spend on teaching situations, like working with the first team offense against a JV group on defense, the players go until contact, but are told not to take the player to the ground.

So, the amount of time where scrimmage-type situations are going on is already limited during a game week. This just puts a finer point on it.

“To my opinion, we don’t do any full speed contact until Friday,” Neumann said. “We have them fit up on a tackle or block, but don’t take them to the ground. There’s a collision that occurs at full-speed, but not like in a game. We don’t want anyone getting injured out there on the practice field.”


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