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July 12, 2014

Pop quiz time for anglers

PORT ARTHUR — This week I thought it would be fun to do a quiz on salt/brackish fishing in Texas. I have taken a few well known and several obscure facts and created something fun for the whole family.

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I will have a special column dealing with all of the answers in depth in next Thursday’s edition.



1. After reaching a length of about 20 inches, speckled trout consume primarily _______________.

A. Shrimp

B. Squid

C. Krill

D. Finfish

E. Jellyfish


2. What type of water is fluorocarbon most effective in helping anglers entice fish?

A. Clear Water

B. Marsh Water

C. Murky Water

D. Red Tides

E. Brackish Water


3. Largemouth bass are commonly caught alongside redfish along the Upper Coast.




4. The daily bag limit for sand trout is ___________.

A. 50

B. 25

C. 15

D. 5

E. There is no limit.


5. What live bait choice has caused much controversy along the Texas coast over the last two decades?

A. Mullet

B. Pinfish

C. Shrimp

D. Croaker

E. Marine Worms


6. What kind of lure popularized by bass fishermen is becoming increasingly popular for pursuing redfish on the Texas coast?

A. Swimbaits

B. Buzzbaits

C. Creature Baits

D. Jig/Pig Combo

E. Spinnerbaits


7. What Texas ecosystem produced both the state record redfish and flounder?

A. Aransas

B. Lower Laguna Madre

C. Sabine

D. Upper Laguna Madre

E. Matagorda


8. What is a "red tide"?

A. Oil Spill

B. Toxic Algae Bloom

C. Run-off from Red River

D. School of Red Snapper

E. None of the Above


9. What Texan invented the Corky?

A. Paul Brown

B. Sam Houston

C. Rick Perry

D. William Travis

E. Jim Wallace

10. Is it legal to gig a limit of flounder at 10 p.m. and stay out past midnight to get a two-day limit of 10 fish?



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