, Port Arthur, Texas


May 22, 2014

Memorial spring game to feature younger players

PORT ARTHUR —     Port Arthur Memorial football coach Kenny Harrison is excited.

    Tonight his Titans will be one of the first teams in the state to show fans what to expect later this fall as the squad takes to Titans Field at 6 p.m. for its spring game.

    Harrison is excited because not only will his team show off some of the explosiveness expected out of a powerful running attack, younger players will get the chance to make a name for themselves.

    The spring game is all about finding depth for Harrison. He knows Kameron Martin and Corey Dauphine will make a powerful rushing duo but it is the other players Harrison is excited to see tonight.

    “Everyone knows Corey and Kameron,” Harrison said. “Those guys are going to be just fine. We had some minor injuries like sprained ankles through spring practice and that is going to allow some young guys to play tonight and show our fans what they can do.”

    One major hole Harrison has to fill is the starting quarterback spot. Enter someone who knows Harrison quite well, his son Kadon Harrison.

    “Kadon will get the first snap Friday night,” Harrison said.

    Kadon Harrison is expected to share snaps with versatile speedster C.J. Levine. Levine and Kadon Harrison are the only two remaining quarterback contenders to start the 2014 for Memorial. Kevin Williams went into spring practice as the other possibility for signal caller but he suffered a broken leg in one of the practices. It was the only major injury Harrison said the Titans suffered through the practices.

    Levine will also see plenty of time in the Titans secondary, along with Jacorie Jones and Morgan Ford.

    “We hope to fill out that fourth spot in the secondary and have quite a group back there,” Harrison said. “I’m excited for the game. We are going to be giving those young guys a chance to play and make a name for themselves. It is all about building our depth. The spring practice helped us answer a couple of our question marks. Now these young guys will have a chance to step up and do some things.”

    Harrison said one of the main goals of tonight’s game will be to find depth and backup players on both offensive and defensive lines.

    “We have some guys who played in 12 games last year so tonight we will be looking to find guys who can give those men a break here and there,” he said.

    Harrison also said the players who recently participated in Memorial’s successful track season have made a smooth transition back to football.

    “They haven’t had a lot of contact but we aren’t worried about those guys. “Tonight fans can expect a game with players full of energy and playing hard. Everyone knows our stars but tonight fans can get a chance to see our young guys and see how they have developed. A lot of kids have really grown up over the last four weeks.”


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