, Port Arthur, Texas


January 23, 2013

OUTDOORS COLUMN: Budgeting your outdoors lifestyle


PORT ARTHUR —      Nothing sharpens an anglers skills like targeting heavily pressured bass in small water so what might seem like a negative actually turned into a positive.

    When I would see teal or wood ducks on those ponds there were a few moments when I would fantasize about being in a duck blind but overall the time fishing was extremely enjoyable and educational.

    If you enjoy outdoors time and live in the Southeast Texas/Southwest Louisiana region, you can always find something to do. This is not true of many areas and is one reason I feel so blessed to live here.

    If you can’t afford the drive to fish East Galveston Bay, fish Sabine. If the Hill Country deer lease is too expensive look into hunting some of the national forest areas 90 minutes north of here. The action might not be exactly the same but the opportunities are here for the taking.

    Something else that has cut into my outdoors budget so to speak is my daughter.

    I am booked on many weekends doing seminars and she and my wife often come along with me. On off weekends, I typically choose to stick around the house so I can spend time with them.

    While money is certainly important, time with them is much more so it is important to learn to budget your outdoors time around and with your family.

    Young men in particular are bad about working long weeks and then spending every waking hour on the weekend in the deer woods or on the water. And while to a certain extend that is understandable, the fish and game will always be there. You only get one shot at raising children.

    Make as much time as possible to bring them with you or tailor make outdoors excursions for them when you are home.

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