, Port Arthur, Texas


January 23, 2013

OUTDOORS COLUMN: Budgeting your outdoors lifestyle

PORT ARTHUR — I have yet to go duck hunting this season.

    And with season’s end looming it is probably not going to happen.

    Why would someone like myself who absolutely loves duck hunting forego hunting in a year when it is been better than average for many hunters?


    That’s right money.

    In the Moore household we budget things radically different than the federal government and spend what we have and try our best to not put things on credit.

     This year we were hit with some big medical bills including a bill for minor surgery my daughter had to get in October that costs just about what I make in a month.

    I write this not to seek sympathy because we feel blessed we made enough to pay for these things.

    I write to share that I am going through the same thing many of you are going through: the pain of budgeting your outdoors lifestyle.

    With gas prices double what they were four years ago even going out in the boat puts a serious pinch on the pocket.

    This year numerous hunters shared stories of getting off leases they held for years because of skyrocketing lease fees, the tripling of corn prices in the last five years (to fill feeders for those of you who don’t deer hunt) and the cost getting to the lease.

     Fishermen are having a tough go of it as gas prices are eating them alive and other factors are costing them time on the water.

     Wanna know the truth?

    My situation did not bother me one bit.

    I have learned to utilize the opportunities I have and in Southeast Texas, we have plenty of them.

    Instead of making a bunch of trips over to Lake Calcasieu as I like to do when time allows, I fished ponds within a 10-mile radius of my house and focused heavily on bass fishing.

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