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May 3, 2014

Janice Todora on bowling: Hermsen, Nguyen set pace at Max Bowl

PORT ARTHUR — Rick Hermsen, bowling in the Monday Srs. League, once again came oh-so-close to a perfect game as he fired another 299. This is Rick’s second or third 299 within the last couple of months. Rick followed his 299 with a 227-204 for a nice 730 set. Tommy Nguyen, bowling in the Fun Bowlers league, had the high series this week. Tommy shot games of 246-286-245 for a sweet 777 series.

A couple of ladies to talk about this week. RaeAnna Todora shot games of 226-258-204 for a 688 series in the Valero League. Michelle Powell was close behind with games of 227-181-267 for a 675 series.

Our Sr. ladies were led by Gloris Divello. Gloria bowling in the Road Runners league, shot games of 204-202-194 for a straight-up 600 series. Alice Barnes, bowling in the Valero league, had a nice 254 game.

The youngsters were led this week by Hunter Engle with a 581 series and Katie Quinn with a 227 game.

As we enter May, the Fall leagues will be concluding with their end of the year roll-offs. Right around the corner the summer leagues will begin. Get with Michelle at the front desk for more info on the upcoming summer leagues. First time bowlers this is your opportunity to try out league bowling. I promise you will enjoy it, meet new friends and get in a little exercise. Don’t be intimidated the folks that shoot the high scores are everyday people who do this for relaxation, exercise and just to gather with friends.

One final note the USBC Mens tournament is in full swing, with tournament action taking place at Max Bowl both Saturday and Sunday. One correction from last week’s column has Pro Bowler Wes Malot coming June 1, not June 7 as indicated last week.

Other notable bowlers of the week includes Skipper Arsenault 245-212-246-703, Shane Harlow 268-204-252-724, Eric Manthei 286-268-211-762, Roger Hartwig 254-248-213-715, Mark Maxwell 181-278-255-714, Bill White 258-279-223-760, Sean Mouchette 215-254-268-737, Brandon Powell 216-279-218-713, Chris Edwards 224-245-240-709, Bill White 239-286-197-722, Eric Harrington 235-257-214-706, George Gund 242-257-268-767, Casey Smith 265-201-276-742.

Monday Srs.

V.J. Willis 193-550, Carl Wuenschel 157, Earl Duhon 182, John Provost 150, Cynthia Williams 133, William Gore 171, Jerry LeBleu 182.


RaeAnna Todora 258-688, CJ Moity 245-691, Erik Postula 290-696, Jamie Engle 259-654, David Jones 225-603, Bonnie Maxwell 158, Mack McPhatter 224-631, Bob Cullums 223-598, Kurt Cullums 245-222-226-693, James Pitre 213, Missy O’Connor 179, Alan Kay 223, John O’Connor 182, Alice Barnes 254, John Robison 227, Sandy Robbins 166, Cindy Doyle 197, Royce Robbins 179, Mike Doyle 248-653, Tharen Robertson 205, Derrick Rivers 219-631, Curtis Harrington 236-669, Diana Dennis 160, Dee Dennis 189, Ashley Nunez 233, James Neel 228-610, Eric Monarch 224-639, Tommy Nguyen 246-608, Justin Tremont 205, Jackie Schell 183, Kelly Gaspard 197, Ray Gaspard 222, Don Lemke 175-153-150-478, Aaron Trahan 112, Justin Wiltz 145, Trey Gaspard 248-697, Robert Seymour 195, Gail Seymour 186, Sami Jo Williams 225, Steve Powell 234-668, Elaine Whitten 160, Maryana 185, Eric Longmire 247-672, Ryan Miller 229, Keegan Malbrough 226, Ryan Guidry 230-600, Farrell Menard 199, John Parent 205, Walter Tucker 200, Alanda Boldt 204, Chris Heath 171, Chad Carlson 222, Roman Rodriguez 192, Merced Rodriguez 244, James Moity 237-650, Shannon Quinn 203-597, Kyle Miller 254-678, Lewis Garza 211, Roy Goeddertz 197, Kaci Leatherwood 161, Kerry Stevens 194, Gus Saba 175, Jan Cates 191, Bruce VanBoskirk 203, David Lemaire 187, Aaron Vanover 203, Murphy Burch 277-583, Kevin Harlow 159.

Road Runners

John Anderson 176, Oliver Balagot 224-567, Marvin Ermel 201, James Pitre 234-644, Bill Lawless 207, Robert Seymour 190, Chris Heath 174, Pete Chaison 212, CJ Moity 228-618, Geraldine Rebert 168, Gloria Divello 204-600, Frank Rios 164, Rick Hermsen 226-671, VJ Willis 219, Charlotte Banks 181, Phil Rogers 191, Gary Vincent 228.

Queen Tumblers

Brenda Dodson 195-493, June Badon 167-452, Alice Barnes 199-517, Donna Kelly 166, Martha Thomasson 158, Connie Mathison 208-521, Flo Benoit 168-452, Donna Loupe 148, Elsie Tweedel 169, Janice Todora 147, Dot Font 186-509, Lynne Richter 175-496, Emily Davis 153, Frances Boudreaux 193-519, Beverly Wallace 134, Wilma Pace 147.

Golden Oldies

Gloria Divello 211-588, Bill Lawless 190-529, Bonnie Timaeus 157, Robert Seymour 224-593, Chris Heath 195-482, Paul Vaughn 203, CJ Moity 234-612, Art Leon 169, Sandra Firman 134, Donna Clifton 137, V.J. Willis 192-532, John Beard 166, Charlotte Banks 136, James Pitre 195-543, Phil Rogers 188, Blanch Comeaux 163, Tommy Girolamo 238-627, Cliff Mosley 209-567, Marvin Ermel 269-658, Frank Rios 159.

Mid County Mixed

Israel Guidry 183, Rose Quirante 190, Marvin Balagot 192-561, Mita Ikari 186-452, Donna Thomas 155, Vladie Quirante 179-521.

Fun Bowlers

Miranda Faubion 145, Alan Kay 210, Ashley Nunez 222-609, Michelle Powell 227-181-267-675, Eric Monarch 219, Mike Wagner 187, Merced Rodriguez 196, Jerry Thompson 186, Bobby Abraham 161, Jeff Lopez 135, Lorrie Gallien 179-512, Diana Dennis 130, Tiffany Fountain 116, Chayla Merritt 151, Chris Merritt 189, Marty Riley 145, Kara Monceaux 155, Aubrey McKee 183, Caleb Klein 217-591, Charles Venable 176, Casey Smith 246, James Moity 227-643, Carlos Garcia 153, Latisha Garcia 115, Derrick Garcia 150, Johnny Simon 181, Brad Waugh 211-577, Rusty Crow 219-551, Charlene Wersig 203, Jessica Wooley 140, Lynn Sanders 165, Dan Sanders 204, Judy Lynch 153, John Schmidt 215, Kerry Stevens 215.

Mega Money

Lyn Bourgeois 212, Randy Callahan 188, Chuck Burns 238-609, Rex Morris 202, DJ Schwartz 205, Bret Chipman 224, Jeff Anderson 223-596, Mike Zuckero 193, Ruthie Wolfe 167-161168-496, Joseph Wolfe 225-579, Ben Wolfe 199-577, Russell Hebert 258-652, Chris Chiasson 245-670, Rick Hermsen 225-626, Pete Chiasson 226-617, Curtis Harrington 227-604, Steve Comer 194, Paul Uresti 180, Tammy Nick 223-569, Renee Moity 205, Kirk Edwards 174, Michael Morvant 181, Brian Smith 178-527, Roynald Allen 223-577, Trey Todora 216, Logan Lomasney 225, Travis Johnson 216, Robert Lowe 201, Richard Calder 220-622, Erik Postula 254-683, Trint Miguez 257-683, Gary Martin 223-659, George Parsley 227-671, Steve Powell 225, James Neel 201-579, Branden Powell 248-682, Mike Rodgers 240-655, Mike Charles 226-664, Gina Wilson 214-542, James Pitre 222-620, Hardy Charles 199, Chris Tovar 180, Colby Daniel 237-652, Sarah Persons 170, David Bruno 236-666, Scott Cooper 277-692, Howard Holst 226, Roman Rodriguez 182, Eric Monarch 222, Merced Rodriguez 194, James Moity 266-668, Jennifer Gutierrez 120, Alexander Hanks 197, Julie Rankin 122, Susan Rankin 178, Dylan Williams 178, Robert Seymour 220, Fred Feldschau 232, David Feldschau 245-623, Linda Morris 168, Laura Rogers 176, Zim Morris 211-600, Tom Rogers 165, CJ Moity 236, Kaylee Powell 242-607, Tray Batson 258-685, Ronnie Sonnier 246-625, Lewis Garza 213, Linda Singleton 204-562, Tommy Girolamo 229, Gary Vincent 196, Kirwin Melo 224-645, Chris Rhodes 241-690, Karen Bellow 253-639, Andy Nguyen 199, Bob Bellow 216-636, Matthew Maxwell 222-643,  Janice Todora 162, Aimee Engle 182, Drew McClary 240-620, RaeAnna Todora 237-655, Bob Wechenhiser 199, Craig Rankin 187, Devon Rankin 212, Dustin Richardson 202, James Morein 202, Cole Guidry 253, Jared Morein 222-600, Ricky Malmberg 227, Roger Fregia 223, Wesley Williams 248-643, Wayne Lavergne 241, Joe Duke 212, Georgia McElroy 136, Georgeann Richardson 212-577, Aaron Richardson 147 .

Friday Fun Bunch — Nick Broussard 121, Kristopher Harrison 148, Jordan Anderson 141, Elvira Jones 164-423, Stephnie Harrison 166-458, Beverly Wallace 145, Martha Mitchell 145.


Hunter Engle 222-581, Kayla Kay 126, Brandon Bertrand 174-502, Jarred Maxwell 198-184-182-564, Blake Dugas 201-549, Hannah Engle 181-517, Abram Wersig 193-520, Katie Quinn 227-541, Shane Foreman 198,Kyleigh Robin 102, Hannah Robin 133, Ryan Thomas 89, Colby Gobert 87.

USBC State Tournament

Derik/George Gund  - 3rd  Div. 2 Doubles, Brandon Shaw/ Matt Mannino Div. 3 Doubles 3rd  Place, Deborah/Larry Williams Div. 2 3rd Place,  Wallace Brignac Div. 3 Singles 3rd    Place, John Miller Jr., Div. 4 Singles 1st Place and 2nd place Div. 4 All Events, Energy Country Ford – 2nd Div. 1 Team, The Hookers – 2nd Div.2, Desparados – 1st  Div.3 Team, Pipeline Trash – 1st  Div.4, The High Life 1st Place Div. 5, Rolling Thunder 2nd Place Div.5,  


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  • Bassmaster Elites are coming back

    The Bassmaster Elite Series returns to Southeast Texas in March 2015 to fish out of Orange.
    The announcement was made last week, ahead of Bassmaster’s official tournament schedule announcement and the buzz is already strong in Southeast Texas and beyond.
    I was in Orlando, Fla. attending the ICAST (fishing trade) show and talked with a number of top anglers including Kevin VanDam, Mike Iaconelli and Shaw Grigsby who said it was no surprise they would return considering the massive turnout for the weigh-ins and that the area welcomed them in a very special way.
    It’s far too early to speculate anything like who the top contenders will be or how the fishing will be but there are some things to keep in mind and to look for over the next few months and into the event itself.
    • Prefishing-There is a pre-fishing cutoff that usually extends to right before the Bassmaster Classic and I fully expect most of the anglers in the Elites to come back and prefish.
    Last go-round probably 2/3 of the field fished the area but this time I expect that to be just about everyone. Many of the anglers that did not pre-fish told me they expected to have a lot of water to fish but the sheer volume and diversity was almost overwhelming.
    Beginning probably in the early fall we will see many anglers fishing local waters to get a better idea on how to approach the area.
    • East to West Runs-The Elite anglers fished far and wide but I expect even more running next go-round. After launching from the Simmons Drive Boat Ramp in Orange angler Bill Lowen ran down the Intracoastal, across Galveston Bay and fished in the Clear Lake area and placed in the top 12. The more adventurous anglers will try super long runs, in my opinion, even longer than last time to try and score on big fish. The Intracoastal Canal system makes that possible.
    • Sabine River -Very few of the anglers actually fished in the Sabine River despite the event being called the “Sabine River Challenge”. I think that will change with more anglers running as far north as they can to find pockets of fish that receive little pressure and perhaps a four or five-pounder to push them over the top.
    • Bigger Turnout-Last year some 34,000 people attended the event which set a Bassmaster record for an Elite event.
     It was broken a couple of weeks later in New York but I fully expect the 2015 tournament to draw 40,000 plus. The reason they are coming back is not for the stellar fishing because while we have lots of bass, everyone knows our fishery cannot compare to Toledo Bend for example.
    The support from the public however was amazing and that is what is bringing the top anglers on the planet to fish our area.
    We will have the very best coverage of the event beginning now and leading up to it with exclusive interviews with all of the top pros with not only their thoughts on the big event but with unique tips on how you can catch more fish.
    It’s an exciting time and I look forward to bringing you special coverage on a special event.
    (To contact Chester Moore, e-mail him at You can hear him on “Moore Outdoors” Fridays from 6-7 p.m. on Newstalk AM 560 KLVI or online at or watch him on “God’ Outdoors with Chester Moore” Saturdays at 10 a.m. on

    July 23, 2014

  • Mid County knocked out of tournament

    The Mid County 16-18 Babe Ruth squad’s run to the World Series is over.

    July 22, 2014

  • West golf notepad: West duo claims title in Texas Father-Son

    July 22, 2014

  • Mid County sets up championship series with Tri County

    The Southwest Regional Babe Ruth championship series is set and yes the hometown Mid County squad will be there to play.

    July 21, 2014

  • MC Babe Ruth goes 2-0

    First things first, give Clint Landry and the rest of the officials credit for making the Southwest Regional Babe Ruth tournament possible this weekend at Nederland High School.

    July 19, 2014

  • Up the odds for solid bank fishing

    There are certain limitations to fishing without a boat.

    July 19, 2014

  • Derek Williams, Summer Money League light up the lanes at Max Bowl

    Thursday nights Summer Money League produced some very impressive scores.

    July 19, 2014

  • West column: Pacers hiring Pat Knight didn't help Lamar

    July 19, 2014

  • Babe Ruth.jpg Mid County Babe Ruth set to host Southwest Regional

    The Mid County Babe Ruth 18U team is once again knocking on the World Series door. Mid County will host the Southwest Regional at Nederland High School starting today. Mid County’s first game of the tournament is slated for 7 p.m. Friday against Pine Bluff, Ark. Thursday was a special day for Mid County Babe Ruth as two locals, Jimmy Collins (shown speaking) and Skip Hopkins (back left) were inducated intot he Southwest Regional Babe Ruth Hall of Fame. Both Hopkins and Collins have been involved in Babe Ruth for over 40 consecutive years either as player, coach or board member. There are nine teams in the tournament with the winner headed to Washington state for the World Series.

    July 17, 2014 1 Photo

  • West golf notepad: Eleven-year-old Henry scores ace in YMBL tourney

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