, Port Arthur, Texas

March 16, 2013

Patti Gay column: Batson, Williams set pace for bowlers

Patti Gay
The Port Arthur News

PORT ARTHUR —  Tray Batson rolled the high series with a 287-247-235-769 in league play at Max Bowl-Port Arthur, and Sami Jo Williams, representing the ladies, shot a 242-231-257-730.  

  As promised, the results that I was given, from the Youth Tournament are as follows (with handicap): All Events boys, Griffin Williams, 2nd place-2192, and for the girls, 8th place, Katie Quinn with a 1993. Team division, finishing in 2nd was BA 2013 with a 2688. Doubles div: 1st-Hunter Engle/Griffin Williams-1426 & in 5th, Jarred Maxwell/Katie Quinn-1377. Singles div: Boys-2nd place-Ryan Nguyen-734 & Jarred Maxwell-5th place-715, Girls-3rd-Kayla Gallegos-693 & Katie Quinn-692.  

  All Events Scratch: Boys - Griffin Williams-1st place-Griffin Williams-1976, Matthew Maxwell-3rd place-1703, and Brandon Bertrand-5th place-1465.  Girls-Katie Quinn-1st place-1642, & Kayla Gallegos-2nd place-1502.

  It is with sadness that I am posting the loss of another long time bowler. Bob Skelton, who was a member of the Roadrunners league, passed away in February. His friends have told me that he always had a smile on his face, was liked by everyone and will be truly missed.

 MONDAY SENIOR: Rick Hermsen-268-234-226-728, Phil Rogers-255-602, James Pitre-234, Don Dunn-215

 VALERO: Derek Williams-233-260-264-757, Sami Jo Williams-242-231-257-730, Tray Batson-226-257-236-719, Eric Monarch-258-266-713, Rhett Williams-227-247-232-706, Branden Powell-258-213-235-706, Russell Hebert-226-286-704, Kurt Cullums-246-677, Mack McPhatter-248-662, Mark Maxwell-238-648, Alanda Boldt-201-235-601, Rusty Doucet-255-592, Roy Goeddertz-211-552, Kerry Stevens-206-541, Tommy Nugier-202-533, Diana Dennis-185-499, Bill White-248, CJ Moity-247, Ryan Smith-241, Clinton Hancock-237, Robert Brewer-236, David Jones-235, Kelly Gaspard-214, Walter Tucker-212, Rebecca Cook-212, Murphy Burch-208, Justin Cates-206, Jamal Lowe-202, Justin Holmes-195, Kermit Morrison III-191

 GOLDEN OLDIES SRS: Marvin Ermel-256-619, Phil Rogers-235-588, Tommy Girolamo-248, Chuck Burns-196, John Beard-176, Bessie Durke-173

 MID COUNTY MIXED: Chuck Hall-246-243-693, Rey Diestro-218-243-632, Cameron Naron-187-503

 FUNBOWLERS & MEGA MONEY: Tray Batson-287-247-235-769, Chris Rhodes-256-248-236-742, Erich Monarch-255-227-240-722, Bruce Hasch-247-277-721, George Parsley-244-236-237-717, Steve Powell-289-224-203-716, Branden Powell-246-246-223-715, Gary Vincent-254-265-711, Skipper Arsenault-223-205-277-705, Derek Williams-207-239-258-704, John Allen-279-698, Bo Cohrt-268-697, Dean Wersig-211-268-669, Charlie Rhodes-257-668, Trint Miguez-266-653, Karen Bellow-237-212-642, Chuck Burns-236-637, Jeff Hayes-215-221-635, Trey Fournier-245-627, Derrick Pete-213-226-598, Roynald Allen Jr-246-597, Roynald Allen Sr-222-590, Melinda Badon-214-584, Ken Johnson-214-566, Jerry Thompson-206-199-561, Bob Wechteniser-203-557, Justin Pratt-212-547, Tony Mills-201-478, Laura Scully-181-475, Diana Dennis-177-466, Aaron Richardson-187-446, Tommy Girolamo-266, Tony Falgout-258, Charlie Rhodes-257, Tommy Nguyen-257, Lyn Bourgeois-254, Wayne Lavergne-246, Logan Lomasney-245, Kirwin Melo-245, Russell Hebert-245, Alan Hawkins-239, Mark Maxwell-237, Hardy Charles-235, Bobby Clark-235, Eric Kyles-227, Wayne Pratt-225, Casey Smith-224, Rick Vasquez-222, Rhonda Stout-222, Caleb Klein-221, James Roberson-221, Jacob Askew-219, Shannon O’Connor-216, Clint Hancock-216, Aubrey McKee-211, Paul Morvant-211, Joseph Wolfe-211, Mindy Rainwater-210, Jonathan Wolfe-208, Eric Kyles-206, Stephanie Foux-206, Troy Girolamo-205, Ronald Leonard-203, Blaine Daniel-199, Darlene Anderson-194, Tammy Berg-192, Charles Venable-185, Shawn Sachs-176

 STARS OF TOMORROW: Jarred Maxwell-257-189-605, Angel Simon-189-53, Blaine Seymour-188-499, Kobi Chiasson-94-232