, Port Arthur, Texas


October 27, 2012

Patti Gay column: Lavergne's perfect game earns 777 series, top honors


    Once again at Max Bowl Port Arthur, the pace is picking up and the scores are reaching ever so close to that 800 mark.  

    Wayne Lavergne, competing in the Mega Money league on Thursday night, rolled out a decent first game of 220.  He then started to get hot by rolling a 257, and never missing again. Yes, he closed out the night with a 300 game.  

    This gave Wayne a 777 series and the lead spot for the week.  

    Sami Jo Williams was once again the high kegler for the ladies with a 205-212-287-704 series.  Congratulations to them both.  

    Branden Powell-237-244-279-760 & 247-237-236-720, James Neel-208-235-279-722, Bill White-204-258-258-720, Rick Hermsen-264-232-221-717, Trint Miguez-232-268-214-714, Tray Batson-264-250-712, Kirwin Melo-257-229-215-701 followed up with the other 700 series during league play.

    MONDAY SENIORS:  Rick Hermsen-264-232-221-717, James Pitre-210-279-662, Bill Lawless-231-545, Bill Blackman-200-535, Phil Rogers-208, Jerry LeBleu-190, Venix Morris-169

    VALERO:  James Neel-208-235-279-722, Bill White-204-258-258-720, Branden Powell-247-237-236-720, Roger Hartwig-244-689, Steve Powell-256-235-662, Tommy Nguyen-245-662, Kelly Gaspard-234-224-658, Ray Gaspard-229-203-215-647, Eric Monarch-225-633, Darrell McKee-221-633,Casey Smith-212-226-610, Blaine Davis-195-198-539, Mark Simon-223-530, Jamal Lowe-190-521, Roy Goeddertz-191-516, David Lemaire-183-481, Sami Jo Williams-235, Brandi Batson-221, James Pitre-215, Eric Kyles-201, Royce Robbins-200, Derrick Rivers-200, Justin Sanders-200, Elaine Whitten-184, Jackie Schell-179, Tim Johnson-158, Brett Dobrick-152

    QUEEN TUMBLERS:  Alice Barnes-214-575, Betty Shannon-192-530, Elsie Tweedel-196-495, Donna Loupe-171-427

    GOLDEN OLDIES:   August Gonsoulin-211-582, Bill Allen-199-542, Bonnie Rimaeus-210-459, Tommy Girolamo-244, Cliff Mosley-220, James Pitre-215-215, Roy McClure-193, John Greig-190, Louise Dauphine-143

    MEGA MONEY:    Wayne Lavergne-220-257-300-777, Branden Powell-237-244-279-760, Trint Miguez-232-268-214-714, Tray Batson-264-250-712, Sami Jo Williams-205-212-287-704, Kirwin Melo-257-229-215-701, Skipper Arsenault-247-690, David Feldschau-244-244-676, George Parsley-246-675, Bob Bellow-232-670, Matthew Wolfe-265-669, Robert Seymour-225-220-213-658, Jeff Wright-232-220-657, Charlie Rhodes-255-648, Curtis Harrington-234-644, Mike Charles-215-605, Andy Rodgers-222-590, Sergio Garza-222-224-581, Bret Chipman-216-572, Jacob Monceaux-213-542, Tammy Berg-194-541, Gary Biegas-177-502, Chris Rhodes-262, Derek Williams-259, Derik Gund-256, RaeAnna Todora-255, Mike Rodgers-246, Shane Harlow-235, Hardy Charles-233, Ronnie Sonnier-226, Tony Falgout-226, Tommy Nguyen-220, Roy McClure-214, Roynald Allen Sr-214, John Lemonis-212, Rhonda Stout-211, Trey Todora-207, Gloria Divello-205, Cole Guidry-199, Aaron Richardson-164

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