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May 31, 2014

Gabriel Pruett column: NBA enjoying memorable playoff run

PORT ARTHUR —     Newly appointed NBA Commissioner Adam Silver has to be very pleased as the calendar turns to June.

Donald Sterling is gone and the NBA playoffs have been amazing, confusing and predictable all at the same time.

    It was almost a given the Miami Heat would be where they are — back in the finals for the fourth straight year. Miami has the league's best player in Lebron James and a terrific supporting cast. It will be a shocker if the Heat do not win their third championship in a row.

    For all the thrilling action this postseason, the Heat have barely broken a sweat.

    There has also been a lot of crazy during this postseason.

    The first round saw five of the eight series go to seven games. It has already been labeled the best first round ever and it’s hard to argue.

    Remember how all that stood between the Houston Rockets and the second round was .9 seconds?

Portland's Damian Lillard turned RIP City in Oregon into the northwest's version of Clutch City with a three-ball at the buzzer to send Houston out to the fishing holes early.

    Indiana was a mystery the last few months of the season. The Pacers needed seven games to beat Atlanta in the opening round before fending off Washington to reach the East Finals against Miami.

The Pacers were the No. 1 seed, yet too many times egos and players being immature cost the team.

    Lance Stephenson should start packing to leave town. It was entertaining to see him blow in James' ear and try to get ujder LBJ's skin. It was entertaining but dumb. James was never once worried if Stephenson would dethrown King James.

    Another strange series has been in the West Finals. Oklahoma City and San Antonio cannot figure out how to play a close game. The series started with two Spurs blowouts folliwed by SA losing two games by large margins.

    So guess what happened in Game 5. Yep, the Spurs put another hurting on OKC.

    Both OKC and San Antonio needed to dig deep early in the postseason to even advance.

    Kevin Durant won the MVP and his acceptance speech moved a lot of grown men to tears.

It's been a great postseason for the little guys too. Teams like Toronto, Washington, Golden State and Portland all seem to be getting closer to making a serious run.

    Who will ever forget the LA Clippers playing shortly after former owner Sterling had his world come crashing down as a recording was leaked of him making racist remarks?

    The Clippers stepped up to the plate and didn't let Sterling's blatant racism undermine their season. The Clips beat the Warriors in the first round before losing out in the second to OKC.

    The championship now though looks to be headed back to Miami in the arms of LBJ. Don't kid yourself, that is exactly what the NBA is hoping to see. The world's best player standing only three titles short of tying the immortal Michael Jordan.

    It all makes for the television a basketball fan can watch.




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