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April 10, 2013

OUTDOORS COLUMN: Local “River Monsters” going strong


    Stingrays: When saltwater reaches north of Interstate 10 stingrays will move into the river systems. There have been numerous caught in the Sabine in drought years and although most of the big ones are taken by anglers at the jetties and in the surf, huge ones have been in the lake itself. The southern stingray can grow upwards of 200 pounds.

    Paddlefish: Although not legal to harvest and very rarely caught by anglers paddlefish are present in the Sabine and Neches. These plankton eaters, sometimes called “spoonbill catfish” grow up to five feet in length and occasionally are caught on trotlines.

    If you have any photos of yourself or family members with “River Monsters” of the local variety send them in via email to We would love to run them on these pages.

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