, Port Arthur, Texas


December 22, 2012

Patti Gay on bowling: Derek Williams eases by Arsenault

PORT ARTHUR — I was all set to give the high series to Skipper Arsenault, but as I got further down the page I found that Derek Williams, by only 2 pins, took that honor for himself.  

    With both of them bowling in the Mega Money league, Derek started out slow with a 216 game.  He then blasted his way to the top with games of 279 and  278 for a 773 series.  Skipper rolled games of 246-268 and 257 for a 771 series.  Nice bowling guys and good to see you both back up in the big numbers.          RaeAnna Todora was also back up at the top shooting a 234-222-242-698 to take the high series for the ladies.

    Honorable mention goes to Wayne Lavergne-269-238-236-743, Bo Cohrt-279-208-234-721 & 257-258-710, and Tray Batson-247-229-245-721.  Kudos also go out to Chuck Hall for his 200 triplicate in the Mid-County Mixed league.  Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas with your loved ones and be safe.

QUEEN TUMBLERS:  Jenni Beaumont-521, Betty Shannon-512, Stephanie Harris-500

GOLDEN OLDIES SRS:  Gary Vincent-256-669, James Pitre-217-624, Bill Lawless-212-575, Phil Rogers-201-573, Art Leon-181-521, Frank Rios-465, Bill Allen-193, Bill Blackman-189, Cynthia Williams-149, Karen Taylor-137

MID COUNTY MIXED:  Resty Baluyot-189-508, Marvin Balagot-214, Tessie Balagot-200, Chuck Hall-Triplicate 200

FUNBOWLERS:  Bo Cohrt-257-258-710, RaeAnna Todora-234-222-242-698, Richard Beaumont-221-277-636, Dean Wersig-211-581, Johnny Simon-225-523, Clint Foster-174-432, Bill White-245, Zim Morris-226, Mike Wagner-224, Eric Kyles-216, Danny Norris-211

MEGA MONEY:   Derek Williams-216-279-278-773, Skipper Arsenault-246-268-257-771, Wayne Lavergne-269-238-236-743, Tray Batson-247-229-245-721, Bo Cohrt-279-208-234-721, Gary Martin-247-233-689, Derik Gund-245-683, Erik Postula-257-254-680, Ronnie Sonnier-267-675, Sami Jo Williams-266-675, Matthew Wolfe-228-231-674, Jared Morein-255-673, James Pitre-269-648, Jeff Hayes-231-226-608, Casey Smith-215-601, Rhonda Stout-211-223-597, Randy Callahan-214-593, Bret Chipman-206-219-593, Jacob Askew-229-586, Cory Walker-219-564, Michael Morvant-539, Gary Biegas-206-525, Jonathan Martin-267, Eric Harrington-258, Bobby Clark-247, CJ Moity-245, Mike Rodgers-245, Cuong Cao-243, Tommy Nguyen-241, RaeAnna Todora-236, Tom Roberts-235, Trint Miguez-234, Mike Charles-232, Fred Feldschau-232, David Feldschau-231, Charlie Rhodes-231, Cole Guidry-220, Caleb Klein-202, Dustin Richardson-201, Margie Falgout-183

STARS OF TOMORROW:  Matthew Maxwell-245-623, Brandon Bertrand-211-203-561, Jarred Maxwell-195-542, Hannah Robin-110-286, Kyleigh Robin-108


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