, Port Arthur, Texas

October 16, 2010


The Port Arthur News

— * Player must have been on regular season roster to be listed

    Port Arthur Lincoln (15) — Aaron Brown (Chiefs*, Packers), Tom Smiley (Bengals), Harry Gunner (Bengals, Bears), Leroy Howard (Oilers) Leroy Leopold (49ers*), Joe Washington (Chargers, Colts, Redskins*, Falcons), Tim McKyer (49ers**, Broncos*, 4 other teams), R.C. Mullen (Rams), Michael Green (Chargers), Reggie Lewis (Tampa Bay), Ronnie Haliburton (Broncos), Marcus Price (Chargers, Saints), Shockmain Davis (Patriots) Jordan Babineaux (Seahawks), Jonathan Babinueax (Falcons). School closed in spring of 2001.

    Port Arthur Jefferson (7) — Dan Rogas (Eagles, Lions), Goose Gonsoulin (Broncos, 49ers), Gary Hammond (St. Louis Cadinals, Giants), Cotton Speyrer (Colts, Redskins), Carl Larpenter (Broncos), Kary Vincent (Saints), Kevin Everett (Bills). School closed in spring of 2001.

    Port Arthur Austin (2) — Duriel Harris (Dolphins, Cowboys), Eric Alexander, (Patriots*) School closed in spring of 2001.

    Port Arthur Memorial (3) — Jamaal Charles (Chiefs), James Johnson (Bengals), Danny Gorrer (Rams)

    Beaumont Hebert (10) — Warren Wells (Raiders), Jerry LeVias (Oilers, Chargers), Mel Farr (Lions), Miller Farr (St. Louis Cardinals), Anthony Guillory (Rams, Eagles), Alvin Maxson (Saints), Bob Pollard (Saints, St. Louis Cardinals), Vance Bedford (St. Louis Cardinals), Floyd Dixon (Falcons, Eagles), Leland Douglas (Dolphins). School closed in 1982.

    Beaumont-Charlton-Pollard (5) — Bubba Smith (Colts*, Raiders, Oilers), Tody Smith (Cowboys *, Oilers, Bills), Jess Phillips (Bengals), Wayne Moore (Dolphins**), C.L. Whittington (Oilers). School closed in mid 1970s.

    Beaumont South Park (4) — Johnny Fuller (49ers), Dwight Harrison (Broncos), Kenny Harrison (49ers), Bud Hebert (Giants). School closed in mid 1970s.

    Beaumont French (3) — Gus Hollomon (Jets), Louie Kelcher (Chargers), Cliff Odom (Browns). School closed in mid 1970s

    Beaumont High School (1) — Charlie Ford (Bears). School closed in mid 1970s.

    Beaumont-Charlton-Pollard (2) — Reggie McElroy (Jets, Raiders), Herman Fontenot (Browns) ####This is not the same Beaumont-Charlton-Pollard as mentioned earlier. It was formed through a merger of Beaumont High and Charlton-Pollard. It closed a few years later and became Central.

    Beaumont Central (5) — (Michael Sinclair (Seahawks), Daryl Price (49ers), Leland McElroy (Arizona Cardinals), Donald Mitchell (Cowboys), Anthony Collins (Bengals)

    Beaumont West Brook (8) — Jerry Ball (Raiders, Lions, Vikings), Mickey Washington (Bills, Saints, Jaguars), Calvin Collins (Falcons), Earl Dotson (Packers*), Frank Middleton (Bucs), Darrell Colbert (Chiefs), Michael Batiste (Cowboys, Redskins), Anthony Malbrough (Browns)

    Port Neches-Groves (2) — Robert Giblin (Giants, St. Louis Cardinals), Mike Simpson (49ers)

    Bridge City (3) — Jason Mathews (Colts, Bucs, Oilers), Shane Dronett (Broncos, Lions, Falcons), Matt Bryant (Giants, Dolphins, Bucs, Falcons)

    West Orange-Stark (3) — Kevin Smith (Cowboys***), Greg Hill (Oilers), Earl Thomas (Seahawks)

    Orange Wallace (2) — Ernie Ladd (Chargers), Garland Boyette (Oilers) (School closed in 1960s)

    Orange Stark (5) — Jimmy Colvin (Colts, Cowboys), Patrick Gibbs (Eagles), Larry Keller (Jets), Hogan Wharton (Oilers), Ox Emerson (Lions). (School closed in mid 1970s)

    Silsbee (5) — William Graham (Lions), James Hunter (Lions), Leonard Garrett (Packers, Saints), Reginald Garrett (Steelers**), Curtis Buckley (Bucs, 49ers)

    Hamshire-Fannett (2) — Flip Johnson (Bills, Felman Malveaux (Redskins)

    Little Cypress-Mauriceville (1) — Joe Bob Isbell (Cowboys)

    HEAD COACHES — Bum Phillips, Beaumont French (Oilers, Saints), Jimmy Johnson, Port Arthur Jefferson (Cowboys**, Dolphins), Wade Phillips, Port Neches-Groves (Broncos, Bills, Cowboys)

    ASSISTANT COACHES — Lance Van Zandt, Port Neches-Groves (Saints, Cardinals)

    TRAINERS — Bubba Tyer, Nederland (Redskins****), Charlie Henry, Port Neches-Groves (Oilers)

    * Indicates Super Bowl rings