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August 22, 2013

Coleman talking points: Start of school impacts on practice time

PORT ARTHUR — Some things to talk about while Siri becomes a fan of the Astros…

1) Practices adjusting to school time

    After two weeks of two-a-day workouts, freed from any rigid schedule of, you know, school, football coaches around the area are adjusting things for the start of classes next week.

    Well, some of them are. Both Port Neches-Groves and Nederland have adjusted their practice times this week to a more traditional morning/afternoon workout schedule, mirroring what they’ll do during the season. It’s partly for practical concerns, as coaches need to attend teacher inservices during the day.

    It’s also to get players used to the schedule approaching quickly, with practices in the afternoon heat and quick workout sessions during the athletic period. Nederland attempted to put their student-athletes on that schedule this week specifically to get them acclimated to the season’s routine.

    At Memorial, the schedule already matched up with how they will do it in season. The Titans have been holding their second two-a-day workout since last week in the afternoon, following a walk-through in the morning.

    That’s exactly how the Titans run things during the school year, so they don’t need to adjust much to get in line with class beginning next week.

2) Nederland’s defensive line

    If the Nederland Bulldogs could have a defensive line consisting of just two players, they might have one of the best in the state. Seniors De Shawn Washington and Caleb Malveaux are two of the best tackles in the area.

    The question Nederland’s coaches are faced with now is how to deploy them with the other two starters on the defensive line. Do they start Washington and Malveaux at defensive tackles, clogging up the middle and putting Washington’s quickness on those unsuspecting guards and centers?

    Or, do they jump Washington out to end and have someone play tackle inside next to Malveaux? Can they jump both Washington and Malveaux out to end and fill in with other players inside?

    The answers to those questions will largely depend on the play of those supporting players. Connor Hughes and Beau Stewart have been working at defensive end around the two tackles. When Washington moves outside, William Holman comes in to fill his spot inside. Nathan Tran is another name working his way into the mix after a knee injury kept him out of the first week of practices.

    Whatever formation Nederland settles on, though, will not be one they’re married to long-term. The Nederland front has always relied on matchup-specific game plans. If it makes more sense for Washington to play outside against Crosby, he will. But, the next week against Goose Creek Memorial, he may slide back inside.

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