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March 15, 2013

Bassmaster: Day 2 sees big changes in Sabine River Challenge


ORANGE —      When Iaconelli’s incident started making the rounds, I overhead one of the fans saying, “That’s not going to stop Ike. He never gives up.”

    This event has shown local anglers that professional fishermen face trials just like everyone else and also has shown the anglers how much the people of our region respect them and enjoy what they do.

    “This has probably been the most hospitable place we have ever held a tournament,” said Kevin Short.

    VanDam echoed those sentiments noting that, “When we go into a gas station or out to eat people are telling us they are so happy to have us here. That and the turnout at the weigh-ins has been something special and makes it a really enjoyable experience.”

    Saturday’s weigh-in begins at 3:15 with the festival and expo open at 11 a.m.


Friday’s Top 10

1.    Todd Faircloth: 26-15

2.    Dean Rojas: 26-8

3.    Cliff Crochet: 25-0

4.    Terry Scroggins: 24-5

5.    Mark Davis: 22-3

6.    Ish Monroe: 21-12

7.    Jeff Kriet: 21-6

8.    Kevin VanDam: 20-6

9.    Mike McLelland: 18-4

10.   Bill Lowen: 18-4


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