, Port Arthur, Texas


June 8, 2013

Patti Gay column: Sonnier's 770 sets pace at Max Bowl

PORT ARTHUR — The top 5 bowlers of the past 3 weeks at Max Bowl Port Arthur all came from the Mega Money Summer league.  Ronnie Sonnier led everyone with a score of 214-289-267-770.  The others were CJ Moity-213-269-248-730, Charlie Rhodes-279-253-728, Kirwin Melo-238-279-200-717,  and Skipper Arsenault-258-247-205-710.  

    I did notice that there seems to be some spots open if you still want to join in on the fun for the short summer leagues.  It is a great way to get started or to come back if you have been away.  (No Bill, not me!)      Unfortunately, there aren’t enough scores for me to post every week, but I promise there will be a bowling column at least once a month.

      Did you know that you can sign your children up for free bowling?  It is as easy as going to  Once there, you will find much information about the bowling center and other specials for you and your family/friends.  Have a great summer and be safe!

MONDAY SENIORS:  James Pitre-247-237-667, Paul Vaughan-233-623, Cotton Glidewell-255-606, Phil Rogers-205-581, Paul McDaniel-210-558, John Beard-185-170-478, Gloria Divello-208, VJ Willis Sr-205

MONDAY SENIORS SUMMER:  CJ Moity-225-236-652, James Pitre-213-210-615, Venix Morris-209-208-568, VJ Willis-209, Marvin Ermel-202, Bill Lawless-197, Buddy DuFour-187, Frank Rios-185

GOLDEN OLDIES SUMMER:  CJ Moity-258-652, Tommy Girolamo-230-230-652, James Pitre-245-627, Donald Bourg-202-572, Lewis Garza-232, Cliff Mosley-214, August Gonsoulin-206, Bill Lawless-200, Marvin Ermel-200, Bessie Durke-174, Chris Heath-170

MID COUNTY MIXED: Chuck Hall-215-634, Rey Diestro-209-630-623, Resty Baluyot-190-515

MEGA MONEY SUMMER:  Ronnie Sonnier-214-289-267-770, CJ Moity-213-269-248-730, Charlie Rhodes-279-253-728, Kirwin Melo-238-279-200-717, Skipper Arsenault-258-247-205-710, Dustin McDonald-268-693, Gabriel Tran-244-258-686, Chris Rhodes-268-684, Logan Lomasney-236-236-672, Russell Hebert-239-662, James Roberson-246-647, Kirwin Melo-223-643, Cory Walker-245-634, Ashley Nunez-209-584, Brandi Batson-223-549 & 267, Branden Powell-279, Tray Batson-247, Bill White-247, Joseph Wolfe-245, Wayne Lavergne-242, Travis Johnson-239, Charlie Rhodes-237, Bret Chipman-228, Jimmy Calder-225, Andy Nguyen-222, Bob Bellow-214, Rhonda Stout-212, Michelle Powell-208, Sami Jo Williams-205, Donna Rhodes-200, Art Turner-198, Charlene Wersig-186

STARS OF TOMORROW:  Katie Quinn-209-220-246-675, Kayla Gallegos-194-211-568, Jake Elmore-109-106-309, Travis Bridges-90-234, Kobi Chiasson-94-225


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