, Port Arthur, Texas


October 6, 2012

Patti Gay column: George Gund leads way with 747 series

PORT ARTHUR — Not only is George Gund the top guy for this week at Max Bowl-Port Arthur, he is the only bowler to have a 700 series.  Competing in the Mega Money league, George rolled a 258-256-233-747 series giving him an early league average of 222.  Bruce Hasch also made the spotlight in the Funbowlers league when he shot a 300 game.  Congratulations to you both.

  Did you know that Laser Tag is now open?  I spent some time at Max Bowl this past weekend and my adult children, as well as their friends, had a lot of fun playing Laser Tag!  It is, of course, for all ages so you should go check it out!



MONDAY SENIORS:  Tommy Girolamo-248-238-684, Cotton Glidewell-203-225-612, Don Dunn-220-582, Art Leon-202-540, Buddy Dufour-217-524, Bill Blackman-185-183-506, William Gore-180-461, James Pitre-204, Rey Diestro-203


VALERO:   Kurt Cullums-233-238-675, Russell Hebert-235-236-661, Bill White-265-652, Caleb Klein-219-247-633, Mark Zerko-214-621, Robert Seymour-256-616, Ashley Nunez-220-615, James Neel-215-211-598, Stan Ruth-228-592, Justin Cates-220-225-579, Blaine Davis-179-493, Sandy Robbins-176-172-483, Trent Downs-256, Bo Cohrt-243, Rhett Williford-235, Bob Cullums-231, CJ Moity-224, Alanda Boldt-223, Sami Jo Williams-221, Justin Sanders-213, Shannon Quinn-206, Tommy Nugier-189, Farrell Menard-185


ROAD RUNNERS:   Gary Vincent-221-630, CJ Moity-218-214-626, Lewis Garza-214-562, Phil Rogers-225-525, Rick Hermsen-236, Cotton Glidewell-214, Bill Lawless-213, Don Bourg-199, Bill Allen-176


QUEEN TUMBLERS:  Jenni Beaumont-186-503, Martha Thomasson-198, Brenda Dodson-183


FUNBOWLERS:  Bill White-239-234-687, Stuart Ellis-239-613, Rusty Crow-204-560, Dee Dennis-200-519, Sam Procell-185-453, Bruce Hasch-300, Bo Cohrt-245, James Roberson-230, Ashley Nunez-224, Richard Beaumont-223, Chris Wolfe-220, Tammy Berg-200, Eric Kyles-194, Chris Merritt-162


MID COUNTY MIXED:  Chuck Hall-221, Rey Diestro-197, Mita Ikari-152


MEGA MONEY:    George Gund-258-256-233-747, Chris Chiasson-234-237-697, Bill White-253-688, Zim Morris-237-259-687, Ronnie Sonnier-240-245-687, Skipper Arsenault-225-238-677, Erik Postula-234-676, Branden Powell-246-258-675, Bob Bellow-239-238-667, Jonathan Martin-227-635, Bubba Lear-227-614, Roynald Allen Jr-247-605, Marcus Joseph-245-595, Jo Ann Williams-204-222-591, Ryan Willaims-239-582, Bret Chipman-231-567, Donna Rhodes-196-191-563, Caleb Klein-198-538, Susan Rankin-171-451, Joseph Wolfe-248, Curtis Harrington-246, Hardy Charles-237, David Feldschau-236, Logan Lomasney-233, Bobby Clark-226, Jacob Monceaux-226, Andrew Pridemore-223, Casey Smith-214, Georgeann Richardson-214, Tom Roberts-213, Gina Wilson-211, Jeff  Hayes-204, Randy Callahan-204, Andy Rodgers-203, Karen Bellow-202, Roy McClure-200, Blaine Daniel-199, Casey Williams-180


STARS OF TOMORROW:  Matthew Maxwell-207-205-564, Ryan Nguyen-213-546, Katie Quinn-203-526, Mark Petersbeger-201-487, Abram Wersig-193, Brandon Thomas-161


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