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April 22, 2013

PREP HARDBALL NOTEBOOK: Testing causes shift in schedule


Video helps clarify plays

Speaking of Mid-County Madness, I was reminded of how important replay can be for games with a play that almost made it into my game story of that epic contest. I’m glad I didn’t mention it, because in reviewing what happened, I would have gotten it wrong.

The play in question came in the fourth inning. Nederland had the bases loaded and one out with second baseman Michael Shaw at the plate. Nederland head coach Cody Robbins put the squeeze play on, sending the runner from third and asking Shaw to lay down a bunt.

The ball then popped up. That’s when things diverged in my memory and the video I shot of it with Vine, an application for my mobile phone. What I thought, seeing it in real time, is that PN-G catcher Yancey Foster ran down the third base line to catch the ball in foul territory before firing to third for the third out.

What actually happened, courtesy of the video, is that charging third baseman Mason Vizena really caught the ball before turning and firing to shortstop Dylan Saatzer, who had run over to cover third. I guess you could call me an unreliable narrator on that one.

While I’m at it, a similar thing happened in the Vidor/PN-G game story from Saturday’s paper, except I did write about it this time.


I mentioned the lone PN-G run happening after Yancey Foster, Kaleb Clark and Corbin Coy walked. When Ky Walker was hit by a pitch, I said he drove in Foster to make it 1-0 PN-G. The only problem was that Foster didn’t score the run; courtesy runner Lance Ledoux did. What makes me mad about that mistake is that I got it right on Twitter when I posted a Vine video of the paly. I just apparently couldn’t get it right hours later in the game story.

David Coleman is a sports writer for the Port Arthur News. He can be emailed at and found on Twitter at @MDavidColeman.

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