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June 9, 2013

Schooling reds move quickly

Chester's Sunday Column


ORANGE — If you keep missing the time window and want to make blind casts, consider using one of the numerous redfish ready spinnerbaits on the market. Everyone from Strike King to Bomber Saltwater Grade has solid product out at this point.

    Throwing the spinner is a great way to cover lots of water and will keep small trout off your line if they are in the area. Spinners are very effective for reds, but catch few specks.

    Finally, your soft plastics can come in handy.

   If the school pops up right in front of you, the reds will gladly hit just about anything that mimics a baitfish or shrimp. Additionally if someone in the boat gets hooked up, there may be reds following the one on the line. If you see them, chunk a plastic their directions and hold on tight.

    A red hooked close to the boat has a habit of running under it or expending all of its energy on a mind-boggling run of pure power and intensity.

    That is one of the many reasons I love redfish.

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