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June 8, 2013

Nederland all-sports success among best in state


NEDERLAND — “Winning breeds winning,” Nederland head boys basketball coach Brian English said. “The whole program is doing well. I think we try to do it right. Of course, you have to have talent and we’ve been able to develop it. It wasn’t always like it when I was growing up. Our senior class that graduated (Friday) was tremendous. The boys and girls were all very competitive across the board.”


Coaching has been a big part of Nederland’s success, as Neumann has been the head football coach for two decades now. However, the Bulldogs have been able to still produce with coaching changes, like in the softball program.

First-year softball head coach Will Mallette had been very successful in other coaching stops, but still looked at Nederland’s program differently.

“As an outsider looking in , it looked like a factory, like Russia in the 80’s,” Mallette said. “You just saw the success in every area. It wasn’t just sports. In everything they did, they produced machines that were good at whatever they did. But, they’re not that. They’re just hard-working, motivated individuals who take pride in their community and in doing the best they can.”

English’s teams have been one of the bright spots over the past few years. The Bulldog boys have won a total of nine playoff games in the past four years, tied with the softball team for the most over that stretch. English, a Nederland graduate and former Bulldog player himself, gives a lot of credit to the community for strengthening the under-level programs that feed into Nederland’s athletic system.

“The community has done a great job,” English said. “They’ve done well with our youth programs in general and in the basketball programs specifically. It’s different at lower levels. We’ve had a lot of participation and are getting better and better from the ground up.”

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