, Port Arthur, Texas

November 7, 2012

PAISD joins students nationwide in mock election

The Port Arthur News

PORT ARTHUR — As the nation worked their way to the polls on one of the most important elections of our time, PAISD students were also making history.

Thursday, Nov. 1, was designated as “National Mock Election Day, ” with early voting beginning on Oct. 25.  Students from across the states and Washington, D.C., participated in mock elections. In 2008, over five millions votes were cast. The mock ballots included candidates for President, U.S. Senate and the U.S. House of Representatives.  By participating in mock elections, are students are given an opportunity to understand the importance of voting as well as participate in activities that exercise their civic duty.

Several of the campuses in Port Arthur ISD participated in the election process. Mock elections for Travis Elementary were held Oct. 29-Nov. 1. Teachers discussed the election process with their students to prepare them for their experience. Each student received a voter’s registration card and cast their ballots via the Internet in their Social Studies classes.

Even the District’s tiniest Titans at Wheatley voted on Monday, Nov. 5.  More than 400 students voted on their campus. Lee Elementary also held their mock election on Monday. Pods were decorated for the election, where the students voted. The entire campus was involved in the election process through various activities across the curriculum.

Abraham Lincoln Middle School participated in a new way of voting through the use of technology. The students used the Youth Leadership Initiative program. Developed by the University of Virginia Center of Politics to assist civics teachers and to encourage students to participate in the political process. The students used computers, located in the Social Studies classes, to vote online for the candidates.

Tyrrell’s students voted through a computer based program on Oct. 30. The program, Studies Weekly, is a nationally based program that conducts mock elections. The results are added to a database from across the country. Memorial High School brought over 30 first-time, registered voters to the polls on Election Day.

The Student Advisory committee also received a civics lesson during their quarterly meeting. The committee met on Election Day and instead of a traditional speaker, the students were given a civics lesson on the electoral process from Deputy Superintendent, Dr. Mark Porterie.

The mock election process satisfied the standards of citizenship and government for the K-12 system and the students and teachers, truly enjoyed the experience.

After tallying the votes, the District’s students were favorable towards the current president, who received an overwhelming amount of votes to sweep the mock election with over 95 percent of the votes.

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