, Port Arthur, Texas

February 11, 2014

Attic Crossing prepares to reopen

Mary Meaux
The Port Arthur News

PORT ARTHUR — Inside the newly repaired Attic Crossing resale store Brittany Castillo sorted through a bin of clothing, checking for size and color before hanging the items on the appropriate racks.

Sadie Mae, her 3-year-old golden retriever, walked the perimeter of the shop, sniffed around a bit, then sat near a set of large glass doors and watched traffic pass along 32nd Street and Lombardy Avenue.

Castillo has her work cut out for her as she prepares the Attic Crossing, located at 3301 Medical Triangle Drive, to reopen on Monday.

The shop has been closed for about three months due to major damage incurred after a car crashed into one side of the building and shattered the glass panel walls.

Mae Terro, executive director of the UBM, is ready to reopen and welcome her customers back.

“The contractors said people were still coming by to check and see if we were open again. They had to turn people away every day,” Terro said.

The Attic Crossing is one of three resale shops operated by the United Board of Missions. Proceeds from sales of donated items go back to the UBM to assist the needy.

A lot of the clothing was lost after the crash due to the glass shards that were sent across the whole building. The shop also lost a majority of the jewelry. Most of the items, she said, have been replaced.

“We will still have jewelry and handbags,” she said. “We’re trying to restock with all new merchandise.”

The store was opened after Hurricane Rita destroyed its previous location on Jefferson Drive in 2005. Since then, the current building has been hit by cars three times but none as serious as this most recent one.

“Hopefully, we’ve safeguarded so no car will run through here again,” she said pointing out of one of two new sets of windows toward the parking area where parking lot bollards have been installed.

“We had to wait on insurance. We tried to use local contractors who did not charge a lot,” she added.

Once reopened, the Attic Crossing’s hours of operation will be 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Saturday.

The UBM is a coalition of more than 50 churches and volunteers who provide support programs to assist resident of Mid-and South Jefferson County, according to the website.


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