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December 14, 2013

Cline’s faith fills poetry book

PORT ARTHUR — Seated in the living room in her Port Arthur home Janet Cline reads through the poem “Shepherds,” her voice rising and falling as she tells the story of the birth of Christ as seen through the eyes of the shepherds.

“He told us of a king new-born

Nearby, in the hills, to poor folks like us,

And he — well, he glowed, shone so strange,

And his clothes glistened, too, like new snow.”

Reaching into the depths of her soul Cline brought forth emotion, faith, a sense of family and inspiration as she read further from the poem she penned which is now included in her recently published book “God Speaks to Me in Silence.”

“And then it seemed the night sky was filled

With light, and figures of men (or not men),

And there was loud sound like music everywhere,

“Peace on Earth,” they sang. And all was glory!”

Cline is no stranger to the written word, having worked as a reporter with the Port Arthur News then communications director for Port Arthur Independent School District. She still publishes a quarterly magazine, an Advent book and occasionally a Lenten book at her church, United Methodist Temple ,and writes articles covering the Port of Port Arthur.

Her book of poetry features poems about the two religious seasons of Advent and Lent as well as poems about faith, her family and even a humorous take on aging. “If One’s Dad ...” is dedicated to the memory of her father, Don F. Safford, and speaks about her father’s love of books that was passed down to her while “Chin Up” honors her mother, Elizabeth G. Safford, who saw a war-torn London and married her American soldier.

“Poetry has always been a part of my life,” Cline said.

Elizabeth Safford sat nearby as Cline read from the book, smiling. With a crisp  British accent Safford softly commented about the American soldier she married thus bringing the poem to life.

Cline’s lifelong love of words combined with her faith helped create her book.

“The church and God are big parts of my life,” she said. “It’s everything to me.”

The book is published by Inspiring Voices, a service of Guideposts.

Persons wishing to purchase the book can do so for $20. For more information, contact Cline at


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