, Port Arthur, Texas

March 8, 2014

Chester Moore column: Time to answer reader questions

Chester Moore
The Port Arthur News

PORT ARTHUR —   Every couple of months I stockpile enough unique and interesting reader questions to share with all of you. I get numerous emails and Facebook messages a day but when I find something that really gets my attention or a string of similar questions I know it is time to address them publicly.

     Here we go.

     Question: Why didn’t the state go coast-wide with the five trout regulation proposal?

       Answer: The numbers on the Upper Coast are stronger than in the Middle Coast area. Trout populations here are super healthy, plus there is far more support for a five fish bag down there than there is in our neck of the woods.

     Question: Do you think we will ever see a total gig on flounder gigging in Texas?

      Answer: If it happens it will be a decade or so away. Before we get to that point, I could see something like making gigging a wading only (no boat) affair or something to that effect.

      Question: What do you see as the biggest problem facing the local outdoors scene?

      Answer: There are two and they are intertwined. The loss of wetlands by saltwater intrusion and various forms of erosion will cause severe damage to local habitat and access. Additionally once local water is sold to other parts of the state and at some point it will be we will have less freshwater flow and that will make the problem even worse.

     Question: Do you think we will have a good duck season?

     Answer: There are many factors that contribute to a good duck season but one thing is for sure. There is plenty of snow on the nesting grounds and when it melts that will contribute to lots of small, seasonal ponds. That usually means a strong fall flight.

    Question: Do you think Sabine’s 13-pound flounder state record will ever be beaten?

    Answer: Yes. The more flounder that make it to maximum age as they are now under current regulations, the better chance we have of seeing a record-sized fish come through.

    Question: Is there any animal that is supposed to not exist in Texas according to the experts you think will be proven to still exist here?

    Answer: Yes. I think within five years we will have photographic evidence of jaguars at least I the Trans Pecos. They exist in New Mexico and Arizona and have been documented only because those states have an aggressive camera trap program. There are rumors of an organization doing something similar in the vast Trans Pecos. If it happens I am confident they will turn up a rogue jaguar or two.

    Question: If you had to pick one bass lure to fish with the rest of your life what would it be?

    Answer: RC2 Squarebill from Luck-E-Strike in the “snow leopard” color. I’ve caught bass as well as hooked into monster redfish on it. It’s easy to fish and allows me to cover lots of water. Plus, anything designed by Rick Clunn is cool in its own right.

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