, Port Arthur, Texas

June 5, 2013

OUTDOORS COLUMN: Five unique Southeast Texas outdoors activities

Chester Moore, Jr.
The Port Arthur News

— If Southeast Texas is anything “unique” is the word.

    This is especially true when it comes to outdoors activities that run the gamut from traditional to 21st century.

    Here are five outdoors activities that are prime for the summer months.

    Frogging: Although it is not as popular as it was when I was growing up, a fair amount of local outdoors lovers participate in frogging.

    The swamps and marshes of the region provide good opportunity for big bullfrogs whose fried legs are a popular dish.

    What do they taste like?

    Same say chicken but I say they taste like bullfrog.


    Short Rig Specks: There are not many places where anglers can fish for trout offshore.

    The rigs between High Island and Cameron, La. provide awesome opportunity for big trout during the summer months. In fact, there are a dedicated contingent of anglers who prefer this to any other method of finding these sought after fish.

    I have not heard many reports from the rigs yet but right now is the time and the fishing will only get better going into summer.


    Herping: Have you heard of “herping”? It is searching out reptiles (mainly snakes) and counting them much as birders keep a log of their finds. Some herpers have life lists just like birders and many also engage in catching and photography of their serpentine subjects.

    Our area has wonderful “herping” opportunities and in fact last week I ran into a herper in the woods near Saratoga who was searching out timber rattlesnakes, his favorite snake.

    If you like snakes, “herping” may be for you. There are few places in the state with more diverse opportunities within 90 minutes.


    Gator Hunting: Limited gator hunting has been opened statewide but the best alligator hunting in the state is during the fall gator season here in Southeast Texas.

    We have a huge alligator population and public opportunities (by drawn permit) on state and federal properties. This pursuit has always been popular with local outdoors enthusiasts but it has grown in popularity due to the popularity of the television progam “Swamp People”.


    Public Hunting: There is no region in the state with more affordable hunting opportunities than Southeast Texas. Not even close.

    We have waterfowl, deer, hog and gator hunting opportunities on the JD Murphree Wildlife Management Area, Tony Houseman State Park and Blue Elbow Wildlife Management Area, Sea Rim State Park, Anahuac National Wildlife Refuge, Texas Point National Wildlife Refuge and numerous wildlife management units around Sam Rayburn, B.A. Steinhagen and Toledo Bend.

    On top of that around that area we have the Sam Houston, Sabine, Davy Crockett and Angelina National Forests.

    Most of the state has no public access other than draw hunt opportunities in state parks.

    We are truly blessed to have some good hunting opportunities for everyone.

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