, Port Arthur, Texas

November 24, 2012

Chester Moore column: Local porcupines and other random thoughts

Chester Moore
The Port Arthur News

PORT ARTHUR —     A couple of years ago we ran a photo of a porcupine road-killed at Sabine Pass.

    That photo shocked many people because they (along with yours truly) did not realize we had porcupines in Southeast Texas. Last week I heard about someone whose Doberman pinscher had to visit a local vet to get porcupine quills removed from it after an Orange County encounter.

    With porcupines out there it makes you wonder what else might be roaming the region doesn’t it?

      Do we have ringtails? I know a very reputable person who saw one in Orange County back in the early 1990s.


    The big flounder run in Cameron unfortunately brings out the worse in a small number of anglers. There is story after story of people catching their limit, going home and coming back for more the same day. That resource is finite and at some point the great run will greatly decrease unless something is done to halt the poaching, protect more of those big females and end issues related to shrimping related bycatch over there.


    Snow geese are finally starting to show here. They had been super thin but a few more birds are tricking in. There are still birds however way up north. I was in South Dakota last week and it still had strong numbers of snows.


    When is the last time you saw a bobwhite quail in Southeast Texas? I used to see them a fair amount growing up in Orange County in the 1980s. The last covey I can remember seeing in the area was probably around 1997 on some public hunting land in the Little Cypress area. There are probably still a few scattered around but they are definitely few and far between. What a shame.


    Do you remember Mutual of Omaha’s Wild Kingdom? I loved that show growing up and it was the forerunner of everything from The Crocodile Hunter to modern shows like Destination Wild with Casey Anderson.

    Speaking of wildlife shows it is a shame that the man I consider to be the absolute best host ever, Austin Stevens, does not currently air in the United States. His show “Austin Stevens Adventures” is amazing and I watch it when episodes are uploaded by fans to the Internet. His show “Austin Stevens Snakemaster” did air in the states and contained the best ever footage of snake interaction. Go to Youtube and look up his shows. It will blow you away. He also has an official presence on Facebook.


    The Bassmaster Elite Series first event of 2013 (after the Classic) will be on the Sabine River in Orange.

     It will be interesting to see what kind of weights are brought to the scales and which anglers shine in this event. Quite a few have already visited the area and done pre-fishing so do not be surprised to see pros fishing your favorite fishing holes through the cut-off period in mid February.

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