, Port Arthur, Texas

October 5, 2013

Chester Moore column: Ultimate hunting championship a breath of fresh air

Chester Moore
The Port Arthur News

PORT ARTHUR —  Fishing tournaments have been a mainstay in the outdoors culture for decades.

    Although they existed before Ray Scott founded B.A.S.S., his organizational and promotional skills put tournaments in the spotlight and they are arguably more popular than ever.

    Hunting tournaments have not been so successful.

    Sure, there are big buck contests and the occasional predator or hog tournament but a fun, challenging hunting tournament has been elusive. That is until now.

    A new project called Ultimate Hunting Championship has been born and it gives hunters a unique opportunity to compete for big money for deer in numerous categories.

    The best part?

    It is an East Texas only tournament and low fence only. That means the deer you shoot on your lease in Hardin County will not be competing against some genetic monstrosity from South Texas. For the record, I have nothing against genetic monstrosities but a free-ranging deer from our region is a completely different animal.

    The categories are as fallows.

    Ultimate Hunter Category: Submit your edited or unedited video showing how you prepare and execute for your hunt to take that mature buck.

    Big Buck Category: Harvest a Buck with the biggest grossing score.

    Biggest 8 point Category: Harvest the biggest grossing Buck with 8 points.

    Biggest 7 point & down Category: Harvest the biggest grossing buck with 7 points or less.

    Long Horn Spike Category: Harvest the biggest grossing long horn spike.

    Smallest 8 point & Larger Category: Harvest the smallest grossing buck with at least 8 points or more.

    Bonus: Alligator Gar Category: Harvest a monster alligator gar with a bow. (Weight per certified scales)

    Bonus: Gross Score: Score the closest gross inches to 100, 110, 120, and 130 inches.

    “We wanted to put something together to showcase East Texas in a unique way and we think we have done that,” said Chris Methner who besides being one of the organizers is also a wildlife biologist.

    “I work with landowners around the state on low fence and high fence properties,” he said.

    “And we wanted to do with this is to highlight the skilled hunters of the region who might be hunting on a big hunting club with many members, out in the national forest or maybe on their private farm or ranch. This is an East Texas only event and we’re very proud of that.”

    A portion of proceeds from the event go to the Catch-A-Dream Foundation to send children with terminal illnesses on a once in a lifetime hunting or fishing trip of their choice.

    “We want to make sure and give back and we are happy to helping out the Catch-A-Dream Foundation,” Methner said.

    Although the archery-only season has opened, there is plenty of time to sign up for what promises to be a most interesting competition.

   For more information go to or call 855-445-8601.

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