, Port Arthur, Texas

November 16, 2013

Chester Moore column: Random outdoors thoughts that are perplexing

Chester Moore
The Port Arthur News

PORT ARTHUR —   Do you ever have super random thoughts enter your head while cruising the lake or sitting on the deer stand?

   Admit it. You do and so do I, so this week I will ponder some of these thoughts, some of which are quite perplexing.

    #1-Why do fishing lures go out of style? With bass on heavily pressured lakes I realize they sort of build up a resistance to certain lures after they have seen them thousands of times but why would a Slug-Go not work today as well as it did in the early 1990s? Think about it.

    #2-Does anyone really think we will ever get feral hog numbers under control? You read a lot about the idea of controlling them but in reality, there is no way to stop the advance of hogs other than some sort of natural “cure” such as a major disease outbreak.

    #3-Since hogs have been on my mind much lately here is another one. Are hogs really as damaging to other forms of wildlife as we hear? I can understand the damage to ground nesting birds due to their rooting but hog numbers are at record levels and deer numbers throughout virtually all of their range are high. Ditto for turkeys. Have hogs really had a negative impact on them?

    #4-At some point trophy hunting of deer may become completely irrelevant. I can see the day where people with the financial resources simply pay shed antlers of raised bucks and claim as a trophy. In reality, we are not far from that right now.

    #5-Crossbows have been legal for use in the archery-only whitetail season for several years now and amazingly (sarcasm mode turned off) bow hunters have not lost opportunities, there haven’t been a plethora of crossbow-related incidents and deer numbers have remained steady.

    In my 20 plus year career of covering the outdoors, I have never seen anything as lame, unnecessary and downright childish as the opposition of crossbows by a vocal minority of the archery industry.

    I will never forget being in a room with numerous Texas bow shop owners, representatives from archery companies, landowners and state wildlife officials and having a leader of an organization tell me they even oppose crossbows for the handicapped.

    Thankfully, these people did not get their way.

    #6-The most challenging animal to hunt in Texas is the aoudad. If you purposefully seek a mature aoudad on open range or on a large high fence facility, you are up for an extreme challenge. Amazing creatures.

    #7-Does anyone care about red snapper any more? Sure, we all love to eat them but has the federal red tape nightmare surrounding the fishery killed your interest for pursuing them. That along with fuel prices has pretty much done it for me although I am not opposed to catch them.

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