, Port Arthur, Texas

August 23, 2012

MOORE FISHING REPORT; Lady angler shows admirable integrity

Chester Moore
The Port Arthur News

PORT ARTHUR —   Occasionally a story will come across the wire that not only fits with our outdoors coverage but also has a real human interest.

    This one is from the Associated Press and tells a truly awesome story of the human spirit.

    A 5-foot-9-inch woman tournament fishing in Hawaii waters fought a 12-foot marlin more than four hours before getting it on her team’s boat and weighing it at more than a half-ton which was a would-be world record.

    But 28-year-old Molly Palmer is missing out on the glory and thousands in tournament prize money for one pesky reason: Her team’s code of honor.

    Cheating would have been easy and tempting. The Big Island Invitational Marlin Tournament runs in part on an honor system and Palmer, her captain and crewmates put up roughly $9,000 to enter last week.

    But the Kailua-Kona angler said it was not a question of whether or not to

cheat her team just wanted to reel in the big catch. So they disqualified

themselves and Palmer’s crewmates helped pull the monstrous fish aboard.

     “The question was only can I land the fish or not,” Palmer told The

Associated Press.

    “I didn’t come here to set world records. I didn’t even really come here to win money. I came here to catch fish and that’s just what we were there to do.”

    Palmer needed to reel in the fish by herself in order for it to qualify as a

valid catch for the tournament, according to rules set by the International

Game Fishing Association.

     Palmer’s fish weighed in at 1,022.5 pounds, well over the record of 950

pounds for a woman using a 130-pound line, tournament organizer Jody Bright said. .

    “I’ve had people try to slide things past me for a whole lot less money,

for a less important thing than a world record,” Bright said.

    “We don’t have officials on the field like you do in baseball or football

or anything like that,” he said.

    “Everybody’s playing on the open ocean playing field and since there’s nobody there checking to see if you stepped

out of bounds or any of that sort of stuff there’s a whole lot of

opportunity to do things nobody would know of.”

    Bright said most of the fish caught during the three-day tournament were

released, while those that died would be sold at market for seafood and marlin jerky.

    Now onto the report…

    North Sabine---Trout and reds remain fair on live mullet fished in the channel with some bird action in the mornings and evening. Flounder are fair along the Louisiana shoreline on live shad and jigs tipped with shrimp.

    South Sabine---Trout and reds remain fair on live mullet and shrimp fished under birds early and late. Flounder are fair to good along the Louisiana shoreline on live shad.

    Sabine Pass---Texas Parks & Wildlife Department officials report t rout are good at the jetty on live bait and topwaters. Trout are good in the surf on topwaters and shad.

    Sabine River---Trout and redfish are scattered in the river. Very few reports of bass and catfish again this week.

    Lake Calcasieu (Big Lake)---Hackberry Rod and Gun reports anglers are continuing to catch sold trout on finger mullet fished in the ship channel. Reds are scattered. Very few reports flounder.

    Sam Rayburn---Texas Parks & Wildlife Department officials report largemouths are good on chartreuse crankbaits and soft plastic worms. White bass are slow. Crappie are good on minnows over brush piles. Bream are good on nightcrawlers. Catfish are good on trotlines baited with live bait and cut bait.

    Toledo Bend---Holly Park Marina reports largemouths remain  good at night on large dark-colored worms. One angle reported a 12 pounder. White bass remain good on tailspins and slab spoons. Crappie are fair to good over baited holes on jigs. Catfish are fair on trotlines baited with cut bait and prepared bait.




TOLEDO BEND: Normal Pool Level: 172.0 Current Pool Level: 168.61 Was 168.97

RAYBURN LAKE: Normal Pool Level: 164 Current Pool Level: 161.60 Was: 162.12

B.A. STEIN HAGEN: Normal Pool Level: 85 Current Pool Level: 82.61 Was: 82.36