, Port Arthur, Texas


September 24, 2012

Who is going to be the new president?

PORT ARTHUR — The other day I was asked by someone that was assisting me, “Are you Democrat”?  I said that I used to be.  Now I am on the fence.  It depends on who is running on the Democratic ticket.  

It used to be that the Democratic Party was for the poor and middle class people.  Back some 30 years ago, I would have never voted for anyone running on a Republican ticket.  That has all changed.  The Democratic Party has not been too particular on who they choose to run.  So now it is every man for himself.

No one is perfect.  If you are not near perfect, you should not run for President.   The media is ready to dig up any skeletons not buried.  I do feel sorry for the ones even thinking about running for an office.  They will be placed under a microscope and ripped apart.  

It is not who is the most popular with the people anymore.  That is not enough.  When there is a discussion on a particular subject, I like to listen to different aspects from the electorate.  Everyone has an opinion and a right to it.  But, honestly, some opinions should be kept to yourself.  Especially if you do not know anything about the matter.

I have listened to debates from candidates that I felt ashamed for them.  I feel that they either did not listen to the question or flat did not know anything about it.  The answer given by some, I feel, I could have given better myself.

I do not ever remember the President’s, nor any candidate’s, spouse, taking on the world to speak for her husband.  I felt that, even though it was interesting, was an opinion of choice.  A caring person is not the only characteristic needed to run for President.  It takes blood and guts, in my way of thinking.  I was not wanting to hear how romantically involved each were with the men in their lives.  

To run a country takes integrity.  You have to have some experience in dealing with people.  To me, that is the main thing.  If you have a subject matter that needs to be discussed, study the matter.  Know it inside and out.  You know you will be asked about it.  Don’t take a stab at it, if you are not up to date.  I have seen some answer so dumb.  Or maybe laugh it off and talk about something else quickly.  America wants to know how you feel about what is on the table for discussion and you should know these things.  Now some are born speakers and can make you believe anything they say.  That is just the problem, say anything true or false.  We have been lied to so much in the past the truth is even hard to believe.

We do want the best we can get to run for President.  Even though there are not a lot of excellent candidates who attempt it.  Can you blame them?  No matter what they say or do, it is not good enough.  I heard recently that a candidate was criticized because he was not holding any rallies.  An overall feeling is that candidates should be out there every day to get people to vote for them.  If not, there is something wrong.

This will be an interesting Presidential election.  I feel that it will be an extremely close race.  It used to be “May the best man win”.  But that may not be necessarily so.

Fanny Morgan of Port Neches is once retired and now is a church secretary. Contact her at 

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